Painkillers May Be Making Your Fibromyalgia Worse


Efficacy and Safety of Painkillers

Although painkillers are often the first line of treatment, they are not always the best treatment for fibromyalgia. Pain relievers lose their effectiveness over time, making a dosage increase necessary. This could make your condition WORSE, especially if you use opioid medications.

In the United States, concerns over an “opioid epidemic” are growing. In 2018, there were more than 67,000 drug overdose deaths. Almost 70 percent of them involved opioids – both illicit and prescription drugs.

Regarding prescription painkillers, Dr. Jane Ballantyne cites “open-ended dose escalation.” This occurs when a doctor increases a painkiller dosage to match a patient’s resistance.

When you take painkillers, your body builds a resistance to them over time. This means you could feel a certain level of pain even after taking a drug that once relieved that pain.


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  1. says: Colin

    All very well and good to say that chronic pain is a lifestyle problem rather than a a medical one. That’s rubbish. It depends on what the source of the pain is. Medicine hasn’t focused enough on finding answers to treating fibro myalgia. In the meantime, yes, try to help yourself with drug free alternatives but they are often ineffective too. And why don’t you recommend herbs and supplements? I have personal experience of using them and they are effective.

  2. says: Pauleen

    Help!! I can’t taste or smell anything!! My feet hurt my head has constant stabbing pains. I sleep very little and I get irritated easily.

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