Best Meditation Apps For Fibromyalgia

meditation apps for fibromyalgia

Meditation provides lots of overall health benefits. In fact, studies show that meditation can help you in dealing with fibromyalgia. By meditating regularly, you can better manage your fibromyalgia pain. Meditation can be done any time of the day and almost anywhere. To get started in the comforts of your own home, simply download any one of these best meditation apps for fibromyalgia.

Insight Timer

This app is an improved version of the previous version. The app consists of various meditation sessions for various purposes. When you are done, it will tell you how many people are meditating along with you. It will also tell you how many are in your vicinity doing the same thing. What is great is that this app is free. It is user-friendly and it can guide you in your meditation journey.

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