Fibromyalgia and Aspartame

fibromyalgia and aspartame

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is calorie-free. The safety of aspartame has long been a controversial topic in the medical world. Although several studies show that aspartame is safe for consumption, there is evidence of its potential link to fibromyalgia. In fact, aspartame is also link to other chronic conditions.

Safety of Aspartame

Aspartame is one of the six artificial sweeteners approved for use by US FDA. The sweeteners have a sweetening capacity that is several times sweeter than sugar. FDA reviewed each sweetener thoroughly especially in terms of health safety. In fact, the safety testing gone beyond the required testing level for food additives, according to a study published in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. Authors of the article concluded that the aspartame is safe for everyone to consume.


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  1. says: Sharon Pruett

    I stopped using aspartame or anything it was in years ago. I only use stevia and raw honey to sweeten my tea or coffee now. I never noticed any change in my Fibromyalgia. Also, I believe aspartame is sold under the name Equal, for one, not Splenda. Splenda is a whole other problem.

  2. says: SANDRA

    Why show Splenda in an article about aspartame? Splenda is not, nor does it contain aspartame. You should be showing packets of Equal.

    1. says: Patricia Pistocco

      Sandra, you are so correct regarding your statement! I have been using Splenda for the reason that aspartame is not in it! Good for you for catching that … l was questioning myself when l saw the pic of Splenda!!!!!

  3. says: Beverly

    First, your graphic is showing Splenda – in yellow packets – NOT Nutrasweet which is BLUE packets. BLUE packaged aspartame is ALSO sometimes found in medications as well. (In my case it was in a generic blood pressure medication)

    Splenda is Sucralose – not quite as bad as Nutrasweet/aspartame but not as good as Stevia (green packets) which is all natural.

    I get even one tiny drop of nutrasweet/aspartame – I get the equivalent of a 3 day migraine. Others, may break out in hives or other reaction. I’ve noticed no reaction to Splenda or Stevia.

    I’ve suspected Fibro since my 20’s – but not diagnosed formally until latter 40’s. After digging back in medical history, Dr.’s decided probably born with Fibro as I was symptomatic since birth, as was one of my daughters. Have never found a connection from food to my Fibro. And I’ve tried lots of combos – it’s how I figured out the issue with nutrasweet/aspartame. NOTE – most Dr.’s are NOT up to speed on aspartame. If you are allergic, like I am – just have the nurse enter it when they weigh you in, and also tell your pharmacy.

  4. says: Cyndi

    Splenda is an artficial sweetner very similar to aspartame. I have been off of aspartame 11months now. I have noticed there is a big difference in pain. But I also have arthritist. But pain is still there not as bad but I have changed my diet to eating foods that help with inflammation.

  5. says: Marilee

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2002, I find any artificial sweeteners intolerable but especially aspartame.
    Sweeteners I can use pure stevia, honey, real maple syrup.
    I recently read an article about dairy products, which I love and can’t eat without negative side effects, stating the pasteurization process creates a problem for fibromyalgia folks, so I am on the hunt for raw milk and cheese and butter.

  6. says: Debbie conrad

    I was diagnosed with fibro ack in either 2000 or 2001 I had no clue about aspertame but when a friend told me about it I started researching it then my daughter started waving severe pain in her knees doctor did not know why my daughter also at the time was drinking a lot of diet soda which has aspertame I made her stop it the knee pain stopped after being off of it for awhile both of us now read every label on food drink snacks etc before buying them

  7. says: Liza

    I was dx in 98 with fibro. Present day, my Dr has put me on Gabapentin to supposedly help me ease off pain meds. I’ve noticed taking Gabapentin n Diet Coke made me sort of stutter, maybe some kind of jerking in my jaw also affecting my speech. Iced tea with artificial sweetener the same so for me to take Gabapentin I must not have anything with aspartame. Has anyone else noticed anything with the same connection? Or is it just me?

  8. says: Jen

    The FDA allows so much in the American diet that is unhealthy. Aspartame being one of them. I quit drinking or eating anything with aspartame in it years ago when I found this out.

  9. says: Kathy

    I have had fibro for the last 7 years and have never touched aspartame. I believe I had back in my late 20’s but did not realize it was fibro. I have been against using aspartame for years because my boy friend was drinking diet pop all the time. Sorry it is not the case with me.

  10. says: Johnny Keeton

    I cannot take gabapentin or lyrica
    They affect my mind so bad
    I would rather die than to take those meds
    I am still learning about foods
    Blessings to all of you

  11. says: Vena Brown

    Same here I cannot take any of the prescribed meds for my Fybromyalgia as they had terrible side effects Ie ,losing control of my bodily functions and also my mind.I also believe Aspartame has a connection with fybro ,I try to avoid it at all costs.Two of my daughter’s are now complaining of severe pain in their knees ,feet and other areas,I now worry they have this dreadful condition .I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

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