Can a Nerve Block Help Fibromyalgia?

fibromyalgia nerve block

Fibromyalgia patients are getting more help from the various advancements that have taken place in the recent years. One of these advancements is nerve block. It can help several painful disorders and diseases including fibromyalgia. The technology that has recently circulated in the field of medicine is somewhat interesting.

What Are Nerve Blocks and How Do They Work?

Nerve block comes in the form of injections, which help to reduce the amount of stress and pain in your body. It is somewhat similar to other forms of pain relieving injections like cortisone shots. Literally, it blocks the nerves in affected areas of pain. An injection on affected areas provides instant relief from whatever pain you feel.

Although relatively new in fibromyalgia treatments, nerve block has been around for a significant time and is widely used in other circumstances. The most common use of nerve block is in childbirth. In this case, it is referred as epidural. Epidural blocks the nerves that cause a mother to feel pain when giving birth. Hence, they will not feel any pain during labor.


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  1. says: Linda

    I had nerves blocks on my neck immediately prior to a shoulder replacement operation. Wasn’t the most pleasant of procedures I’ve ever had and sad to say it didn’t work.

  2. says: Karen McLaughlin

    I had nerve blocks done on my head, neck and shoulders. I had them every three months for a total of 5 times and while they were working, I had great relief from the constant pain and migraines I was having. They lasted about three months which is why I went back for the next dose. It was very painful (especially in the head) but it was better than dealing with the pain. Next thing I know, I was in hospital with a heart attack. The doctors said the nerve blocks were too much for my heart to take and therefore, I had the heart attack. Needless to say, no more nerve blocks for me!!! Now a great Fibromyalgia specialist, Dr. David Saul, took me off all medications and prescribed Kadian 10 mg. That was it. One pill. It is a slow release morphine. It was given to me 18 years ago and I am still on the same dosage today. If I have a bad flare up, I can take more but most of the time I am only taking one pill per day. I don’t see how it could get any better than this but so many doctors don’t know about Kadian and therefore don’t prescribe it. My own daughter has Fibromyalgia and her doctor has gone through so many pills with so many side effects and has ended up telling her to use marajuana. And he thinks that is better than taking one small pill a day?? The only side effect with the Kadian is it can tend to lead to constipation which for me is quite easily solved if I just have a couple of coffees in the day. The natural chickory helps with the constipation. This is the best advice I can give to anyone with Fibromyalgia!!

    1. says: Pamel Welsh

      Sounds like you have it under control. Wish it was that easy for me. I have too many medicine allergies that the doctors scratch their heads not knowing what to do for me. I am allergic to morphine even synthetic morphine as they have tried 3 types and I always have the same anaphalaxis reaction. Good thing I have an epi pen. Right now they just put me on Fentynal patch 12 mcg the lowest and the only strength the clinic provides. I just began it yesterday-it has helped some but does not reduce the tender points in my back where trigger point injections will. Trigger point injections and hip/back injections have helped me a lot. However, this pain clinic doesn’t do them yet they are awaiting for another doctor who does. That’s when I will quit the Fentynal patch. I am also allergic to Tylenol so that wipes out a lot. Motrin makes my LFT’s rise way up. You can just about name most medications and I am either allergic or severely sensitive that I itch and need to take 8-12 Benadryls to stop itching. I hope your daughter finds what works with her without a lot of trying this and that. I find the longer I have Fibromyalgia the more allergies I have. About 2 wks ago I was in the hospital ER and they gave me Demoral which I have never had a reaction to and save only for surgeries so I wouldn’t build a tolerance and I broke out in hives and my chest felt tight. That’s why I don’t want to be on Fentynal all the time because now it’s all I can take for surgeries and I want the injections. If this works I may try it but will have to ask my Cardiologist since I have CHF.

    2. says: Martha

      I was put on 10 mg methadone 10 years ago and usually take 5 mg a day now and now I’m having problems finding another pain dr to keep me on the same meds. It seems to me Florida law has gotten bad and people like me with chronic pain and fibromyalgia has to be punished for other idiots abusing medicine. I’m only on one small pill a day and 60mg cymbalta and that’s it. I have tried all pain and muscle relaxers and none works. Those pills just make me feel weird all day and want to stay in bed.

  3. says: MiMi

    FYI*****I thought I would share what I have found that has worked *wonders for my pain*…..NERVE STRETCHING***** I will also say this….you have to find a GOOD PHYSICAL THERAPIST….who knows how to help you….as I have been to multiple ones over the years and did NOT seem to feel any better at all. WELL….Last week I was shocked when I went in and got signed up due to hip and knee pain…(both)…I have had *issues before* and my pain came back again. My new knee doctor decided I would probably benefit getting physical therapy….SO…I decided to try this *again* and I am SO GLAD that I did. BUT….as I have said you have to FIND a GOOD THERAPIST, who knows about *nerve stretching*….I have only had 3 sessions so far and I have NOT had the pain that I have had in the past now since I had my first session last week. I could hardly believe this. ITS seems as if my entire body was a *bundle of nerves*….which has affected my chronic pain. I just thought I would pass my information along to anyone who is trying to get some help to ease their chronic pain. I am going twice a week for six weeks and I am hoping the doctor will give me another 6 weeks after this. TIME will tell just how long this will continue. LIFE is just FULL of all kinds of surprises. You never know what MIGHT help until you have tried it.

  4. says: Donna Costantino

    My Rhuematologist has me on 600units of Vit “D”. Unfortunately I still suffer, lots of limitations! BOOOO!
    I will be contacting her soon as I have new pain. I have to take care of my IBS first……..UGH !!!!

  5. says: Jean Allison

    Pamel………..Like you, I have tried everything for Fibrmyalgia but what works for me best of all is Lidocaine Patches. You stick one on the point of pain which in the case of Fibro is several and changes every night. I can’t live without them. My GP has told me he has to stop prescribing them to new patients as they are so expensive. Also I have a good Therapist (Chiropractor) but this only lasts for a couple of days. I cannot go down the road of Morphine or Fentynal (same family) as I would not be allowed to enter UAE where my daughter and grandchildren live as it is a jail sentence if found in your system. Lidocaine is the same anaesthetic as the dentist injects into your gum.

  6. says: Kathleen Scott

    I’ve had several nerve blocks, nerve deadening, pain pills and procedures for pain. Unfortunately, I’ve had so many they don’t work as long anymore. I still take meds and get injections.
    So how do I deal with pain? I sit and rest as much as possible, but I still have to walk if i can. I have a ♿ too, that I use if needed.
    I also depend on God. He takes great care of me and my husband. He gives me total peace when I need it most. My body may feel pain, yet God helps me deal with it. Amen anyone?

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