How to Overcome Fear of Fibromyalgia Pain

Learning How to Cope with Fibromyalgia Pain

Exposure is often the best technique for addressing any fear or anxiety. You need to accept that pain is a natural part of the condition that you suffer from. Patients have to realize that the pain is out of their direct control. Even with exercise, a healthy diet, and physical therapy, you are still going to experience pain at times. When the pain occurs, try to remind yourself that it will pass.

Instead of anticipating the pain, it often helps to find ways to distract your brain. You should try to find activities that you can enjoy and focus more on the positive things in your life. You may enjoy spending more time with family or sitting outdoors in your garden.

Trying to find the positive in life helps you focus less on the negative aspects, such as your fear of pain in fibromyalgia. This is a form of cognitive therapy. With cognitive therapy, you challenge negative thoughts and behavior by trying to find the positive.

Besides these tips, lifestyle changes may help ease some of the pain and suffering. As mentioned, exercise is known to help relieve pain. Light to moderate exercise combined with cognitive therapy and other coping skills may be the key to helping you live without the fear of pain.

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