How Psychologists Can Help Fibromyalgia Patients


Almost 30 percent of those with fibromyalgia would suffer from various psychological symptoms like anxiety, depression and all sorts of mood disturbances.


It has not yet been determined whether fibromyalgia can trigger these conditions or vice versa, but what is clear is that if your mental state succumb to your physical pain, the physical pain that you feel can be more severe. This is the reason why fibromyalgia patients can most likely benefit from a psychologist, counselor, and most especially, a psychiatrist.

Difference Between Anxiety and Depression

People would often consider anxiety and depression as similar condition. While it is true that you can be both depressed and anxious at the same time, these conditions are not actually synonymous to each other. Depression is often characterized by extreme and chronic sadness. You probably will say that you are depressed after a really bad day at work, but actual depression is actually much more than that.

The Best Way to Handle Depression

People handle anxiety and depression in their own means. What might work for someone may not work for another. Perhaps, your way of overcoming your depression is to cry or lash out in anger or maybe you prefer to lock yourself inside your room. Others will overcome their anxiety or depression by indulging on their favorite food. But regardless of how you deal with this condition, what is important is that you have to first recognize the change in your behavior. Only when you recognize that you are indeed suffering from depression will you be able to find ways to battle this condition.


On the other hand, anxiety is known for its consuming feelings of fear, panic, as well as excessive worry. You might feel like your heart is beating fast, so much that you may confuse your anxiety as a heart problem.

In order to further understand how fibromyalgia is related to both anxiety and depression, you must first see the differences between the two. Then, compare the symptoms of these two conditions.

Getting Help from a Psychologist

There are several different types of medical professionals that deal with anxiety and depression. There are professional counselors, psychiatrists, and then there are the psychologists. All of them have been trained to diagnose and provide treatment to mental and emotional disorders, which a fibromyalgia patient could be suffering from. It is important that you see a psychologist who specialize in treating fibromyalgia sufferers or those who have experiences in handling fibromyalgia patients.

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  1. I was fortunate to find a beautiful mind/body/spirit wellness work that helped me to recognize and resolve the numerous unresolved issues in my life that were making me so very ill with fibromyalgia. That and a healthy diet and exercise program geared to meet my body’s specific needs have helped in my remission from this painful, chronic, debilitating disease.

  2. says: DeLora McCarty

    What about if you have $0 and you can’t hold a job and any doctor refuses to diagnose it because your too young. I have love thyroid to. But my aunt as well as both my grandmothers and mom have fibromyalgia. So the chances are that I also do. I dont know what to do anymore. I’m 21 years old now. And cant even afford to goto a doctor. Doctor bills out the wazoo. Ive tried the sliding scale clinics. Fuckin $200 just to see a damn doctor. Once again I’m unemployed. But im tired of being so emotional and at times even suicidal because of the leves of pain. No sleep. Nothing helps. Someone.. help

    1. says: Jan de Jong

      I don’t understand if you were being kind or unkind to the person you were addressing?
      Clarify please.

  3. says: Joyce

    If you are not working you can apply for and get on medicade health insurance. Go on the health finder government site for this.
    Also apply for social security disability if you worked long enough before getting sick.
    If you are poor enough you can get on SSI.

  4. says: Robin

    Mine is sometimes, but not always triggered by extreme stress, good or bad; my body doesn’t know the difference. If I do not recognize the stress in the beginning and try to rein it in, I may have debilitating fatigue, pain and fog later. It’s good to get counseling if you need it, to help you identify what stresses you and how you react to it. You don’t have to be commited to a shrink for years, but you can get therapy in order to acquire some basic coping skills.

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