How To Prepare for Fibromyalgia Flares

If you are suffering from fibromyalgia (FMS) or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), then symptom flares are already a part of your life. Both fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome come with symptom flares that will sometimes get significantly worse. Sometimes, you will encounter remissions, where the symptoms will recede to lower levels.

What is A Fibromyalgia Flare

Fibromyalgia flare is a period where your fibro symptoms are more intense and more symptoms appears. During a fibromyalgia flare, it would be even harder or impossible to perform some tasks that you normally do in a single day. Fatigue, along with severe pain, would likely prevent you from leaving your home. Even performing simple chores like preparing food can be extremely challenging. Grocery shopping and buying medicines can also be a problem when you encounter symptom flares. Fibromyalgia flare-ups can occur for a few days and can also last for weeks. If you are living alone, you may find yourself with no medicines and other important necessities. This is why it is very important that you are prepared for fibromyalgia flare ups.

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