How to Overcome Fear of Fibromyalgia Pain

This fear causes you to constantly stop and determine if you are experiencing any pain. Consequently, this constant focus makes you more likely to notice even the most minor aches and pains. It also feeds into your fears, making it more difficult to break the cycle.

Studies have shown that exercising can help relieve some of the pain. Unfortunately, the fear of pain causes many patients to avoid exercise. You may not want to work out when you are worried about the pain. Subsequently, the lack of exercise may prevent you from maintaining or improving your health. Without conditioning you body, you may even develop more body weakness and pain.

Patients also regularly experience a process called catastrophization. This occurs when the fear of pain in fibromyalgia causes you to inflate the pain. Your brain may magnify the pain, which creates additional challenges for overcoming the fear of fibromyalgia pain.


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