Achalasia In Fibromyalgia

achalasia in fibromyalgia

Achalasia is an uncommon disease. In fact, many have not heard of this condition. However, it can cause a lot of pain to those suffering from it. Achalasia has also been associated with fibromyalgia. If you experience swallowing difficulty, chest pain or heartburn, you may be suffering from achalasia in fibromyalgia.

What Is Achalasia?

Achalasia is a condition where the muscles in your esophagus are not able to contract or relax. Contraction and relaxation of your esophagus is important for digestion. Whenever you swallow food, your esophagus expands to let the food pass through. If you suffer from achalasia, this normal process will be disrupted. Thus, food essentially gets stuck in your esophagus which can produce a lot of pain.

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  1. says: Ila Tyler

    Is Atrial fibrillation common in fibromyalgia patients. I have fibro and now am experiencing A Fib. Do not know what is causing this.

  2. says: Gerdy

    I believe I struggle with other things than Fibromyalgia. I wish I could get a full exam, top to the button. Most doctors just blow us off.

  3. says: Nancy

    This sounds like what I have been suffering from for many years.I have told my doctor and other doctors when I have to go to emergency department.Every doctor I have told has said they don’t know what my symptoms could be.I get very discouraged when nobody helps because it’s very painful and I have to heat magic bags up and put on my neck and another for my chest.I also have difficulty when I yawn I can’t close my mouth,it’s awful.

    1. says: Bev

      Sounds like we need a book with all these studies. Then each time we go in to see a Dr, we can say I want to be checked for this. Have you been checked for Temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

    2. says: Doreen Coleman

      Good evening, I went to drs so many times and finely. I asked just and me to the other Dr. To. Rule,it out … After years in pain and too many trio to reg MD, he want me and finely sinew one took me seriously. Yes I have been suffering for over 30 years. And have many other issue with it.

  4. says: Stacy

    What medical test and who would you see to understand this diagnosis I have been suffering from his for 3years I do have fibromyalgia having discomfort in my throat and choking as well severe spasms in my esophagus and it’s scary thanks

  5. says: Chelsea

    Wow I have lost over 9st by not being able to swallow food. I’ve seen so many consultants and no. One knows why. I’m tired thirsty and fed up. They are now talking about inserting a PEG in my sideg. Also lanzaprozole but it just does not work

  6. says: Cheryl Forrester

    I thought it was my Thyroid because it was enlarged and had 12 tumors, so out it went. I still choked and was constipated too.
    Had a Endoscopy/Colonoscopy which showed minute muscle movement in my whole digestive system. Did a Barium Swallow and got the Achalasia diagnosis.
    I got tired of asking Drs what it was and got use to eating a new way.

  7. says: Kathy Erb

    IBS is also very common with us in fibromyalgia. B12 deficiency, fatigue,hypothyroidism, and many more symptoms, Restless leg syndrome. I google fibromyalgia and teach others. Open a support group in your area, join aqua fitness group, warm pool water. The best ppl to dx fibro is physiotherapist, rheumatologist, doctors that now know more about FM. Give your GP info off the web, webmd. Mayoclinic. Etc. There are more and more drs learning about FM. The difference FM and CFS/ME is pain and fatigue, – FM is more pain with fatigue whereas CFs is more fatigue than pain. The trigger/tender points r the points that help dx the illness, having 11 out of 18.

  8. says: Erdeen

    I have fibromyalgia but suffering with weakness out of breath numbing all over can’t sleep arms and legs are numb face also has numbness and itching all over the body a little scary right now and I feel like I got a stupid dr nothing I say or do all she says let’s run this test, all I want to know is that Iam not crazy cause I know my body better than they do . Signed Fustrated

  9. says: Yvonne Poore

    I get ibs, and a slow transit, it causes lots of promblems, also feel my food going down, and than cramps, getting the vision in my head and headache is the worst thing, it scary feeling makes you feel sick, out of breath and weak

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