Trigger Point Injection for Fibromyalgia

trigger point injection for fibromyalgia

One of the alternative treatments that have been gaining much attention recently is trigger point injection. Read on to find out more about this treatment. Learn what it can do to minimize fibromyalgia pain.

What Are Trigger Point Injection?

As its name suggests, trigger point injection is a method of treatment that requires the use of medicated injection directly into trigger points. Trigger points are knots in the muscles which are painful when under applied pressure. In addition, they can produce referred pain in surrounding areas even in the absence of applied pressure. Trigger points are common in fibromyalgia patients who also suffers from Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS).

Trigger point injection for fibromyalgia play an important role in alleviating pain. When injections are applied into the painful trigger points, the muscles knots loosen. Hence, pain caused by the muscle knots will be reduced and you will gain flexibility in your muscles. The medications injected are anesthetics or corticoids. Both medications help muscles relax, thereby reducing pain and stiffness.


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  1. says: Julie E Parsons

    I have had trigger point injections in my back area and have had excellent success. They used lidocaine as a relaxer.

    1. says: Nancy

      Hi Julie
      I just read this article about triger point injections. Can you tell me how long the injections helped with the pain? With it being lidocaine I am worried that it would leave my system in no time.

  2. says: Ali Kat

    I received three trigger point injection sessions. I was informed that they work for some, while they don’t seem to provide much relief for others. I fall into the latter category. The injections worsened my pain and left me in bed for the remainder of the day. That’s an outcome that the physician didn’t warn me about.

    1. I have been getting trigger point injections from the bottom of my shoulder blades to the top of the back of my head off and on for at least 15 years. At one time it helped a little. I have tried every type of cortisone there is and am now allergic to all of the,. I’ve had just lidocaine at times, I’ve had dry needle treatment. The last year and a half I’ve been getting ropivacaine but the doctor told me We’d. No more of that. The end of July we finally tried Botox and I had a terrible allergic reaction to that. It’s very rare to have a problem with it but for me it’s more the rule that not. I’m at the end of things to try and my MPS is very bad.
      Good luck and keep trying.

  3. says: Krystyl Katt

    I’ve had them done. They worked quite well for me but didn’t last. I didn’t want to continue going to the hospital to get these injections once every 3 to 4 weeks instead of 3 months as most patients were.

    1. says: Emily Brown

      Any of these doctors can perform trigger point injections: Pain medicine doctors, Rheumatologists, Orthopedic surgeons even some General practitioners. I would suggest that you consult your family doctor and get a referral for trigger point injection.
      Best, Emily

  4. says: Jill Hilbert

    I have had 3 injections in my neck they did not call them trigger point and I believe that they were done about a year before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.They worked for a short time then the pain came back turned out I had bulging discs in my neck.

  5. says: Kristy

    I had it 4 months ago and it helped me immensely. They did put me under however I felt afterwards it was much less painful than a cortisol shot. I will do it again in 3 months my Dr is expecting. I do not know where I would be without having done it

  6. says: Lynda

    I have been getting these injections monthly for over a year now on my back, shoulders, and hips. They have helped me tremendously but because it is a steroid you will gain weight. My doctor gave me An appetite suppressant which helped a lot. These trigger point injections are safer than the infusion option I was given.

  7. says: Mary Silence

    Yrs ago, I had many injections like you are talking about. Helped me 85%. But, that was before fibro was even a thing .I cannot find anyone who does this. I have talked to my dr”s, but they have no idea what I’m talking about. I KNOW that if I could do again, that it would help me 100!! But, How do I find someone????

  8. says: Lisa

    I have used trigger point injections successfully for years. I have named my pain management doctor magic fingers. I have botox injected into my trigger points every 90 days. If you want to know more about Botox to treat my Fibro and Cervical Dystonia you can read about it on my HypoGal website, just look under Botox or Fibromyalgia. The injections are covered by my insurance but the copay is expensive.

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