3 Fibromyalgia Massage Therapies That Really Help

fibromyalgia massage therapy

Massage therapy for fibromyalgia can be really effective for pain relief. The right massage can help to reduce muscle pain, spasm and stiffness. It induces relaxation which helps to relieve stress. Furthermore, massage can stimulate the production of endorphins, our body’s natural painkiller.

However, it is important to go for the right type of massage to achieve both physical and psychological benefits for fibromyalgia. Not all types of massage are suitable for fibromyalgia. A 2013 study made a comparison between the effects of myofascial release therapy and Swedish massage therapy on fibromyalgia and found that pain reductions were more significant participants who went through the course of myofascial release therapy. Therefore, going for the appropriate massage therapy is paramount to fibromyalgia symptoms relief.

Here are 3 fibromyalgia massage therapy that really helps:

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