What Causes Fibromyalgia Itch And Rash?

fibromyalgia itch and rash

Other than pain, tenderness and fatigue, fibromyalgia patients also grapple with itchy skin and rashes. So what causes fibromyalgia itch? Below are some theories to explain fibromyalgia itch and rash.

Immunological Disruption

As stated by Fibromyalgia Network, skin rashes can occur as a result of immunological disruption just underneath the skin surface. A medical expert conducted a research that pointed to certain groups of highly concentrated proteins. These proteins exist under the skin of fibro patients. It is believed that the body sees these proteins as foreign elements therefore causing the immune system to react by attacking the proteins. As a result, rashes will start appearing.

Capillary Distortion

A Swedish researcher found that the capillaries below the skin of fibro patients are less numerous. They also appear to be distorted. As such, it hinders the the flow of blood towards the skin and other similar tissues. Hence, this leads to sensitivity or rashes on the patient’s skin.

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  1. says: Maureen

    Thank you for this informative article. I’ve learned a lot form your emails.
    I’ve noticed that when I am in a FM flare that I itch. It’s uncontrollable at times.
    I also have Systemic Lupus (the ‘attack your organs’ kind, just diagnosed this summer ). My symptoms cause it difficult to decipher if it is FM or the Lupus flaring. They can be quite similar.
    Perhaps you can do an article on the differences?

  2. says: Rhonda Heim

    Same here, Maureen. I have RX “FLUOCINOLONE ACETONIDE TOPICAL OIL 0.01%” that really helps. It’s called Scalp Oil, but it’s working on all my itches, thank goodness! Because my “ITCHES ARE PAINFUL ITCHES.” My Accupuncturist said that these itches are really an “Alternate Manifestation of Pain” as the body is recognizing Something a little differently, and the symptom is “Itch,” or in my case, “Itchy Pain … Or, Painful Itch.”
    It seems my days are full of New Issues all the time.
    As Forest Gump said, “Like a box of chocolates — You never know what you’re gonna get!”
    The two things that save me is Prayer & hubby’s support! Sometimes, as a human — he gets weary with my illness, though, and I certainly understand that — So do I! But, on the other end of my Covenant Prayers, YHWH always comes through!!!

    1. says: Iris Butler.

      I get chronic itching in my scalp also sometimes my whole body itches. I have had firbromyalgia for many years and get very tired and fatigued. Wish it would’ve led go away.

  3. says: Michele Lake

    I really like the input of other people w the same issues. I never knew were so many other thing attributed to Fibromylgia?? My skin itches but hurts to itch it. N i have hair loss?? Is that part of Fibrmyalgia???

  4. says: LindaK

    As well as Fybro I have many other problems, one of them is psoriasis. I have it on most parts of my body including my scalp. Benovate lotion from the doctor is excellent but only on the scalp. I also have the ‘itch’ all over and especially during the night and that is awful to cope with as you scratch one place it moves to somewhere else and on and on. The only relief I get is from Cool Spray or roll on but the spray is better and available without prescription but is well worth the £3 or £4 in any Chemist or drugstore.

    1. says: Iris Butler

      Your mail sounds just like me, except for the psoriasis. I can scratch one place and a second later somewhere else itches, and on and on. Like you, especially in bed. I have tablets which do help but I already take loads of tablets for everything else, including steroids for my fibromyalgia.
      I also get very, very tired and lethargic. Any tips.

  5. says: Carole

    Thank you for your article I found it so informative. I suffer terribly with itching it feels like my skin is crawling. The doctor gave me steroidal cream but it doesn’t help anymore.

  6. says: Fiona Edgar

    My fibromyalgia going crazy Pains up my back out shoulders and neck Arrgh drive Ye nuts No sleep and itching Its a debilitating condition

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