What You Need To Know About Fibromyalgia Swelling

fibromyalgia swelling

Fibromyalgia swelling is also a common symptom of the chronic pain syndrome. Swelling often occurs in the hands and feet thereby causing a confusion with arthritis.

Fibromyalgia and Arthritis

Swelling in the hands and feet is the main reason why fibromyalgia and arthritis are sometimes confused with one another. However, swelling in each of the medical condition occurs differently and is due to different reasons. In arthritis, the swelling occurs in the joints of hands and feet. Fibromyalgia swelling, although may occur anywhere, is most common in the hands and feet and may be mistaken as arthritis swelling. Arthritis swelling in the joints are caused by actual tissues damage. However, fibromyalgia swelling is not due to the same reason.

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  1. says: Pattie

    I’ve had FM for 18 years. I’ve do epson salt baths, chiropractic treatments and massage. I’ve gone gluten free partly diary free. I’m now doing essential oils. All of this is for temporary relief. The chronic pain is very wearing. My tolerance for pain has lowered over the years. Now the swelling in my hands and knees the knots on my shoulders have been going on for afew months. Not sure what to do or to ask for..

  2. says: Audrey

    Living with fibromyalgia is exhausting I also have Arthritis aling with other illnesess, I have tried everything I’m always researching ways to ease the pain/swelling/itching muscle spasms and knots to no avail, I dont live any sort of life its just an existence.

  3. says: Valerie

    I also us epsom salts, unfortunately I dont have a bath but use them in the shower with the lug hom bunged up. I find it good to sit with feet in a bowl of the solution for an hour.
    I also use Emu Balm on my joints it is very good along with essentials oils, alternating with the two.
    Eucalyptus oil can help too, I use this in the winter months as it does give a gentle heat. Just rub into the joints.

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