Pain Catastrophizing in Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia pain catastrophizing

Fibromyalgia pain catastrophizing is a common issue for fibro sufferers. Dealing with this may cause you to feel extreme anxiety. It causes you to fixate on the pain that you experience and makes it harder to manage fibromyalgia.

What Is Pain Catastrophizing?

Pain catastrophizing is a specific type of reaction to pain. It can almost be considered as a type of anxiety related to your fibromyalgia pain.

People that catastrophize may dwell on the worst possible outcome and focus on the potential threat of the pain. Therefore, they start to become nervous or anxious in anticipation of pain.

In some cases, the thought of pain can send a person into a complete panic. Catastrophizing is a serious symptom and common issue for fibromyalgia sufferers. It can also be completely debilitating.


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  1. says: Roselynn

    All this is true about catastrophizing however to stop doing it is easier said than done! When I feel it coming…..I immediately take a nap and go into a hypnotically self induced state. The only way for me to cope

  2. says: Maria Miranda

    I’m not sure what fibromyalgia is but I do know that I be in a lot of pain from my hip all the way down to my leg on the side even when I’m sleeping when I get up to use the restroom I have to limp because my whole hip hurts me and on the outside when I’m laying down on the left side it hurts really bad or if I’m sitting down and I have one leg folded like almost Indian style when I do get up I start limping because I cannot walk straight on my leg.

    1. says: Angie

      I would get checked for Sciatica. Not saying you don’t have Fibro but I have fibro and had Sciatica with the exact pain you describe. They prescribed Gabapentin for me and it did wonders!

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