How To Deal With Fibromyalgia Stiff Hands

Why Treat Fibromyalgia Stiff Hands

Although stiff hands will not lead to any serious consequences, it can definitely affect your way of living. The best way to prevent the occurrence of stiff hands due to fibromyalgia is to take proper preventive measures. Among these are exercising regularly and initiating proper preventive measures the moment you notice even the slightest sign of stiffness in your hands.


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  1. says: Barb

    After living with fibromyalgia for 20+ years. I went on my own mission to try and find/determine the “root cause” for my symptoms. I followed up with my family practitioner to pursue the possible reason for my fibromyalgia. The only test to come back positive was the chronic yeast overgrowth. With following the special diet my symptoms have next to disappeared. If I cheat on the diet the aches/pains are there tugging at my strings. I not only am living with next to no pain, I am sleeping better, I am brighter and more energetic. I feel like the old me again…….

    1. says: Deborah

      Hi, Would you share with me the diet you follow to give you relief from all the pain of fibromyalgia? I too have had fibromyalgia for almost 20 years, and am always striving to find help.

      Thank you,

  2. says: Rose

    Yes, please, I’d love to know what you’re doing to feel so much better! I’ve mentioned yeast to my doctor before, but she said everyone has some yeast in them and didn’t even mention a test! Ugh!

  3. says: Tracy Lawson

    I’m newly diagnosed with fybromalgia, and about to start physio in the next 3 weeks, I’d love to try the yeast free diet, if you could please share.

    1. says: Andrea

      How on earth did you get physio so soon. I can’t even get a GP appointment and have been told it’s pills or nothing as there is no money for any other help.

    1. says: Healthiculture

      Yeast-free diet is basically avoiding food that is made with yeast and avoiding sugar which feeds candida. These are the guidelines of yeast-free diet

      – avoid bread made with yeast
      – cut out sugar in your diet. This means avoiding sweet treats like pastries, cakes, cookies and other desserts.
      – eat lots of vegetables
      – get your carbohydrate from non-glutinous grain
      – get your protein from fish and lean meat
      – your diet can include low sugar fruits
      – drink lots of water
      – avoid caffeine and other stimulants

  4. says: Susan Crew

    Thank you so much for sharing your success with the yeast diet. I’ve heard before that yeast can play a big part in pain and that this diet could help. Thank you for simplifying it into a language we can all understand. I’m looking forward to feeling better. Going to give it a try. In Oct 2018 it will be 2 yrs since diagnosis and I literally feel like I’ve tried everything else already with little to no help in easing my pain. Only thing that works for part of the day is pain meds and its no way to live long term.

  5. says: Pamela

    I went on a keto diet… Basically the yeast diet …no fruit but gluten or grains and no sugar… joints are better.. no longer diabetic.. blood pressure went down and cholesterol is normal and heart is fine… More healthy oil in keto. Low carb didn’t do it for me alone… But strict did. Dairy in some needs to be avoided. You don’t need to buy keto supplements bit do take something for electrolytes. If you want to lose weight it can help in that but you must watch potions closely.

  6. says: Billie

    I cut out all refine sugar and flours. Take supplements that helps with pain. Ginger helps a lot. Each body is different. I have had it for more than 29 yrs. I eat mostly organic foods and don’t tell me they are too expensive. There are more companies selling organic. Had my own garden for yrs. have to use organic soil and seeds. Now, old age and having Fibro, I have closed up my gardening beds. If I watch the sales, I do good. You can’t give in ladies to this nasty crap. Move, just move is best for you.

  7. says: Liz

    Hi all, yes the no yeast diet does help for sure. I never felt better however, it is a hard one to follow. So just do your best. I also avoided vinegar and used apple cider vinegar instead. I went to a live blood cell analysis specialist here in Canada and she steered me in the right direction. She was a miracle. But, I also walk a lot and I took up Tai Chi. It is a slow moving practice that helps your body, mind and soul. Most clubs also provide a great social outing. It is easy on your joints. It takes a while to get your body moving but does it ever help making you feel alive and moving again. Please try it out. Liz

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