Fibro Pain Relief Tip: Increase Tryptophan Foods

How to Obtain Tryptophan for Fibro Pain Relief? 

One of the best ways to fight fatigue in fibromyalgia is to increase intake of foods that contain tryptophan. These include food like chicken, turkey, fish, cheese, eggs, yogurt, nuts, oats, beans, lentils, cheese etc.

There is no daily required intake for amino acids. However, in its efforts to prevent diseases caused by tryptophan deficiency, the World Health Organization suggest that everyone should calculate their suggested daily amount of tryptophan by multiplying 3.5 mg to their weight in kilograms. For instance, a 140 pounds person would weigh around 63.5 kg and should consume a suggested amount of 222 mg (3.5 x 63.5) of tryptophan a day. Do keep in mind that this only serve as a guideline. Sometimes consuming the suggested amounts of tryptophan is not sufficient because your body requires other nutrients such as carbohydrates and vitamin B6 to use tryptophan effectively.

You can also obtain tryptophan from supplements. However, before you start on any supplements, it is best to consult your doctor on dosage and suitability.


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