Pain Catastrophizing in Fibromyalgia


How to Treat Fibromyalgia Pain Catastrophizing

Catastrophizing may interfere with traditional pain management treatments. When you constantly live in fear of pain, it is difficult to adopt effective coping techniques.

Every patient requires their own individualized approach to treating the issue. As pain catastrophizing is mostly a psychological issue, many doctors recommend cognitive therapy. With cognitive therapy, patients learn to challenge their existing beliefs about the negativity in their lives.

Anti-anxiety medication is also sometimes used to address the issue.

However, there are also natural methods for addressing pain catastrophizing by finding ways to relax or distract the mind. Meditation, breathing techniques, and exercise are all known to help reduce feelings of anxiety.

You may also want to consider whether a specific trigger is causing your anxiety. When the anxiety arises, make a note of the situation. This will help you find a pattern that can help you and your doctor put a stop to the pain catastrophizing.


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  1. says: Roselynn

    All this is true about catastrophizing however to stop doing it is easier said than done! When I feel it coming…..I immediately take a nap and go into a hypnotically self induced state. The only way for me to cope

  2. says: Maria Miranda

    I’m not sure what fibromyalgia is but I do know that I be in a lot of pain from my hip all the way down to my leg on the side even when I’m sleeping when I get up to use the restroom I have to limp because my whole hip hurts me and on the outside when I’m laying down on the left side it hurts really bad or if I’m sitting down and I have one leg folded like almost Indian style when I do get up I start limping because I cannot walk straight on my leg.

    1. says: Angie

      I would get checked for Sciatica. Not saying you don’t have Fibro but I have fibro and had Sciatica with the exact pain you describe. They prescribed Gabapentin for me and it did wonders!

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