How to Overcome Fear of Fibromyalgia Pain

fear of pain in fibromyalgia

Widespread pain and fatigue are the two main symptoms of fibromyalgia. This condition often causes suffers to live in a constant state of fear. The cycle of fear and pain may seem never-ending. It becomes difficult for you to enjoy everyday activities. You may also find it harder to deal with responsibilities at work and home.

However, with the right coping techniques, it is possible to get over the fear of pain in fibromyalgia.

Understanding the Effects of Fear

For many sufferers, the fear of fibromyalgia pain is almost as debilitating as the pain itself. This can have a profound impact on every aspect of your life, including how you experience pain.

When you live in constant fear, you may become hypersensitive to pain. Patients are often more sensitive to the pain that they normally experience as they anticipate the arrival of pain.


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