How to Start an Alkaline Diet for Fibromyalgia?

Step 2: Know Which Foods Are Acidic and Which Are Alkalizing

Alkalizing foods are anti-inflammatory whereas too much acidic food causes stomach discomforts, fatigue and migraine. Sometimes, the acidity or alkalinity of a food is contradictory to its taste or its inherent pH levels. What matters is whether it is acid-forming or alkaline-forming when digested. For example, despite its natural low pH value, most citrus fruits are alkalizing foods because they facilitate the removal of hydrogen ions from your body. On the contrary, food containing sugar such as most carbohydrates like white breads, pastas and rice are acidic because they add  hydrogen ions to your body. Acidic food should only take up 20% of your diet while alkalizing food should form 80% of your diet.

Highly acidic foods include:

  • Grains and most products made with grains such as breads, rice, noodles, pasta, confectioneries
  • Diary products like milk, cheese, butter
  • Meat
  • Processed food which includes most canned foods, instant meals, fast food, junk food like chips and crackers
  • Solid oil like margarine or oil exposed to heat, light or air
  • Artificial sweeteners and other food enhancers
  • Coffee and sodas
  • Alcohol


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  1. says: Barbara Sisk

    I like to ask a question about fibromyalga and your teeth. I have t get my teeth pulled out because they are rotting away. I would like to know is implants better then denchers for people with fibromyalga?

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I am having the same problem! I never even had cavities, until FMS! The doctor says its the pain meds, I feel its a multitude of things, the horrible water we can no longer drink that in fact has fluoride, among the many meds I have to take for all the horrific illnesses this has brought on! Seems nothing is safe out there and the government is allowing this to happen right under our noses. smh, I make sure I take good care of my teeth including flossing, fluoride rinse and professional cleanings as recommended. 🙁 Yet, in the past year, my teeth are rotten like wildfire! I will take a loan out if I have to, because dentures are not going in my mouth, only implants! Good luck to you!

  2. says: Trish

    First of all, why did your teeth rot away? Was it due to lack of dental care, medication, medical condition or neglect?That’s important because situation wont change with (very costly) implants. Personally, I would go with dentures. So much easier to maintain and not as costly. According to wearers, food doesn’t taste the same but you get used to it. Some people adjust to them immediately, others longer. Hope this helps.

    1. says: Marlene

      Alot of ppl with fibro have dental problems because of the lack of vitamin D and other minerals. Its not necessarily because of neglect or bad hygiene.

  3. says: DELSA

    I have suffered of fibromyalgia for a long time and more than the pain what bothers me is fatigue and
    feeling completely without energy to do my daily chores at home ( I am retired).
    What can I do or take to increase my energy?

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