3 Simple Ways To Reduce Fibromyalgia Fatigue

reduce fibromyalgia fatigue

Fatigue is the one of the hardest symptom to deal with in fibromyalgia. Having to deal with the constant widespread muscle pain causes lethargy both physically and mentally. Pain can also prevent restorative sleep at night resulting in fatigue in the day. So how exactly can you battle fibromyalgia fatigue? Here are 3 ways simple ways to reduce fibromyalgia fatigue.

Energy boosting Supplements

B vitamins, Magnesium and D-ribose are important nutrients to maintain energy levels especially during days of fibromyalgia flare when fatigue is at its worst. B vitamins help to construct energy molecules in your body. Magnesium helps to generate and regulate your body’s energy stores. D-ribose provides food for your muscle cells hence boosting energy. According to Jacob Teitelbaum, author of From fatigue to Fantastic, in order to increase vitality and reduce fibromyalgia fatigue make sure that you meet your daily requirements or recommended dosage of each nutrient:


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  1. says: John Mathias

    I have pain in my lower back, right leg and muscle, left foot, burning left foot and leg and terrific memory loss which will come back when I finish this comment. I have got to make terrific effort now to get out of chair and go out but will do it. I do manage to sleep ok with help of Cpap machine.
    Could do with losing weight but find it very hard

    1. says: Liz

      I would like to know how to lose weight also I’m always on the go but just can’t seem to get any weight off. I don’t eat sweet food

      1. says: Jayney

        Hi babe I joined Slimming World with my hubby and have lost 3st7lbs in 6 months and I’m badly disabled and not able to mobilise other than my rollator in the house but am in a wheelchair always when out xxx good luck and God bless you xxx

  2. When pain and fatigue.hit me i either get up out of my chair (eventually) and lay on the bed OR i just fall asleep in my cosy chair-recliner. Loose weight? Just loose the man in yr life to a blonde and go and live say 500 miles away. Weight will come off .mine did i lost 3 stons and its still going down.

  3. says: Joy Boyd Coloun

    I have lived with Fibromyalgia and CFS for many years without being aware of it until 20 yrs ago!! It progresses with age and lifestyle! My Rheumatologist felt I’d had it from early childhood (often wonder if I was born with it) it certainly appears to have a genetic basis. Sadly now at 76 I can barely walk with the pain in my hips and feet and need to send most of my day lying o my bed!

  4. says: Sandra

    I was diagnosed this year with fibromyalgia. After an accident at work, then another fall and then in a RTA all within six months. I had numerous scans/X-rays and nothing showing up to cause alarm bells. For nearly three years now I have had constant pain which I am able to manage most of the time. All my symptoms I have ended up having to life with since the three incidents. The neurologist had diagnosed me with secondary fibromyalgia. I attend a chiropractic regularly for adjustments which have been great. I can feel normal for a little while. Some days I struggle to do the simplest daily tasks. On a day like that I stop/start accordingly because the body/head won’t let me do anything else. I have started doing short walks. I now know how far I can push myself and rest when it’s a bad day

    1. says: CYNTHIA TAYLOR

      Sandra… your story sounds so familiar with mine. I hit my head and fell back on my butt and a couple weeks later fell on my butt again from slipping on ice. I am always in constant pain… I had my falls in early 2015. but not horrible pain.scans and exrays and neck stretches and whatever else… doesn’t cause the alarm bells. either. yes, I just have to live with it. I was diagnosed with fibo earlier this year . I was reading an article on this site about myofascial release. I have done that in the past… but will try it again. and as you some days I struggle a lot and other days well , I am glad my hubby went to the dr with me when I was told I had fibo and some of the symptoms.
      rest on bad days is definitely a must do .. I do try to push myself to far sometime.s learning process I suppose.

  5. says: Sue

    I have learned to ‘pace myself’ on bad days, sit down between tasks, read/answer emails, then get up to prepare a meal, sometimes sitting down in between, while it’s cooking. Although I can’t sit for long either – if watching TV, I have to get up and move at every Ad, make a cuppa, etc. After busy days, where I must be at appointments etc, I have to be almost a recluse for a day or two, and do short easy tasks while I recover from busy-ness. Planning is my key and knowing your limitations……pushing the limitations at times, but be prepared to have restful days too.


  6. says: Heather Watson

    I have never been diagnosed with fibro but suffer from low back pain, aching lower legs, burning sensitive skin on front of my thighs, severe fatigue, pain down outside of my feet aching upper arms and sensitive skin around my elbows. Different pains in different areas all the time an can’t push myself to do anything overly energetic or am knackered for days does anyone think I might have fibromyalgia cause ave go regularly complaining of all these things an not once has any Dr suggested this am at the end of my tether an even asked an only response was a shrug

  7. says: Becky

    @ Heather Watson: you definitely sound like you have it. If you still don’t know, have your Doc refer you to a rhumatologist and then you could possibly be diagnosed. Took me about 3 yrs and changing my primary family doctor to get diagnosed. When I got diagnosed though I can’t say that it has helped anything.

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