Changing Your Wardrobe For Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia clothes

In fibromyalgia, the most basic factor like what you wear can cause you more pain. Fibromyalgia patients often complain of their clothes causing them pain. The pain can feel like stabbing or sharp sensation similar to a bad sunburn. Undergarments, socks, waistbands and anything that wrap your body can possibly trigger extreme fibromyalgia pain. Changing your wardrobe for fibromyalgia can help to lessen your symptoms and help manage your condition.


The use of brassiere can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes restricting for most woman. If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, the pain of wearing a tight bra can be unbearable. Thus, choosing the right bra is important to lessen any discomfort. Here are some pointers to choosing a bra for fibromyalgia:

  • Go for bra that do not have any underwire.
  • Go for bra that are soft and thinly padded.
  • Go for seamless bra
  • Sports bras are also a good option, as long as they are not too tight.
  • Make sure to wear bras that are right for your size.


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  • Can fibromyalgia make taking a shower painful? The impact of water falling on my feet (especially the arches and toes) causes extreme discomfort and pain.

    • Yes! With my fibromyalgia such things as the shower, a soft touch, or even clothes on the skin can cause immense pain.

    • Yes showers can cause extreme pain & exhaustion. I have fibromyalgia as well and there are days I am about in tears thinking about the pain in the shower but then again are some days the water helps with stiffiness & pain.

      • My showers are tiring but the water feels great and massaging. I think our showerhead is made to enhance so I guess it’s working.
        I guess I sound terrible to complain that my showers make me tired.
        I’m 70 and have fibromyalgia all over my body . That’s bad enough but I have a really bad back . My husband is 10 years older and most of the time he is taking care of me as far as driving me to appointments. Old age and our retirement sucks.

  • I have learned the clothing that is like Lularoe (a soft silky material ) that sells leggings and shirts. I buy from who has similar clothing and feels just as good. This type of clothing is about all I wear. Feels great and light on my skin.

  • Stretching does not relieve my pain, and my pain is not in my joints. It is so painful sometimes It’s like my insides are screaming at me. I have severe pain in between my joints. In the middle of the fingers not in the. Joints. Sometimes I have to just lay down on the floor and try to sleep, not on a mattress, or pillows. The pain is on the inside of my skin. CBD oil helps but is so expensive I can’t always afford it along with my scripts, which I could not do without. I don’t have food allergies, but I am allergic to hornet stings. It took me 7 years to get anyone to help me, and finally a rheumatologist diagnosed me and that has been 20 yrs now.

  • There are far more different sleep aids in the way of supplements. Try to get your writers to cover them all not just a bare few. Thanks

  • It’s good to hear that I’m not going crazy. I had to change my whole wardrobe and I know hate to shop because I can’t wear s much because of my fibro. Tank you for this article

  • Was happy to read about the clothing. I don’t even tell people about this because they look at me like I’m crazy! I stay around home so go bra-less, usually wear a men’s undershirt under my t-shirt. Love cotton and stretchy clothes – spandex is my friend!! Nice to have company out there.

  • I have fibromyalgia I’m also finding shower also hurts and I’m so exhausted afterwards. I’m also going though clothes which I find to heavy on me bra is a sports bra the right size but it still painful hurts my chest really painful. I’m finding difficult what to find is comfortable to wear I have never though about maturity wear. Jenny.

  • I don’t bother telling anyone about my pain or how some times showers n clothes are killing me, I’ve had enough of people telling me its all in my head or I’m just crazy

  • By the end of my work day, all I want to do is get out of my clothes. I cannot find undergarments that do not make my skin burn by mid day, even if they fit perfectly.

  • I’ve found an answer to the shower problem. Add shower gel to a flannel then stand on the flannel in the shower. I let water run all over but not my feet. I let it run down my legs to my feet. The shower gel you use runs down to your feet and the gel on the flannel washes your feet. It isn’t a perfect solution but it certainly helps. Just need ap remedy for drying them now and I freely admit that I cry everyday with the paln of drying my feet.

  • Yes, I changed the way I dressed many years ago. Now I just use strechy and loose clothes. The same thing happens with uncomfortable shoes and high heels,no more.

  • How do you explain to someone that feeling of absolute dread as you are about to step in the shower because THE SKIN ON TOP OF MY HEAD HURTS!?!?
    Anyone else have scalp pain?

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