What You Need To Know About Duloxetine For Fibromyalgia


Precautions of Duloxetine for Fibromyalgia

Duloxetine may not be suitable for everyone. Those who should take duloxetine with caution include:

  • People with medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, liver disease, kidney disease, conditions that delay gastric emptying or have history of seizures or mania.
  • People on medications that increase serotonin levels should avoid duloxetine due to drug interaction which can cause serotonin syndrome. These medications include pain medications like meperidine and tramadol, cough medications containing dexomethorphan, heartburn and nausea drugs like metoclopramine and ondansetron, Triptans for migraines
  • People on blood thinning medications like warafin, aspirin, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) should also take duloxetine with caution due to drug interactions.
  • Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or intending to get pregnant should take duloxetine with caution due to possible side effects on the child.

Those who should not take duloxetine include:

  • People with uncontrolled narrow-angle glaucoma
  • People on thioridazine medication
  • People on Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)

Hence, it is crucial to speak to your doctor if you intend to try duloxetine for fibromyalga. Your doctor would be able to evaluate if you are suitable to administer the drug base on your current prescription and medical history.


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