What You Need To Know About Tramadol For Fibromyalgia

tramadol for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia symptoms can be managed with the help of various pharmaceutical drugs. Tramadol for fibromyalgia is said to be among the most effective of all fibro medications.

What is Tramadol?

Tramadol is an opioid pain reliever for treating moderate to severe body pains. It is sold in the market under the brand name “Ultram”. The medicine can be taken orally and can help to relieve pain within an hour. Sometimes, tramadol is taken along with a paracetamol to achieve the best results.

Tramadol is an effective treatment for acute and chronic pains. The pain relief from tramadol usually lasts up to six hours. After this, you will need another dose of the tablet.


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  1. says: Valerie Powell

    Having read your article on Tramadol I feel I have to comment. I have recently weaned myself off Tramadol, and I can honestly say it was not easy! The one fact you failed to make is that it is addictive. I thought I could just stop taking them, I was going through withdrawal! For 48 hours I felt shaky, jittery and quite ill. I had been on Tramadol for years. The effects are not to be taken lightly.

    1. says: Sandy

      Why did you go off it? Are you pain free now? I doubt it. I have fibromyalgia and severe back issues. Without this drug my life would be hell. I take no more now than I did -5 years ago. This was the only drug that has ever helped my pain. If I take this for the rest of my life, so what? At least I have some quality of life. I take it with 500mg Tylenol. I limit myself to 1000 mg Tylenol per day. I usually take it twice a day. Once in a blue moon I’ll take it 3x per day. I watch that I never go over recommended dose. Not everyone overdosed on drugs or alcohol. I know the medical community is very concerned about the opiod epidemic, but those who abuse it shouldn’t take it from those who are responsible in taking it. Is there a bad side effect from normal usage of tramadol? Chronic pain causes depression, withdrawal from social and exercise activity. If there is no hope for relief, what would be a potential and final cure? Suicide?

    2. says: Tracy Morgan

      Valerie I agree.. One of the worst medications I have ever experienced.. I was on it for 8 yrs. Got a new doctor due to moving and she decided redoing all my meds was the best plan. It wasn’t. I had no idea my body was addicted. I took less than the recommendation thank goodness! She did not taper me. She literally took me off cold turkey. I spent almost 2 months in bed and useless as a human being.
      Anyone who thinks Tramadol is a great solution has never been forced to stop it after 8 years. Also it isn’t a solution it’s a cover up.

  2. says: Lise Mailhot

    I would like to know if this médication are in Canada . As i do frybromyeldia and I have a rhumatologist that follow me.

  3. says: Jean

    I have bouts of depression and anxiety. I also have Chronic Daily Migraines. I also take Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia. I take Tramadol every six hours. I am currently taking it every 4 hrs. I am two months post-op from my second hip surgery in 2 mos. I am attempting to titrate back to every six hours. Does Tramadol my depression worse?

  4. says: Olga Chacon

    Estoy en una crisis severa, y dolorosa,ya no se cual medicamento, me va aliviar,en momentos como estos es donde yo ya no pienso con claridad, odio cuando dicen te vas aliviar y nada.

  5. says: Raina Vaught

    THIS ANGERS ME, TO A DEGREE OF RAGE, EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWNS, WITH DAILY PAIN OF 8-10+ After nearly a year, of a fiber flare, many visits to urgent care, my PCP, chiropractor… It was my chiropractor that got the ball a rolling. Little did I know what that would entail. Two specialist, PT twice a week, and endless calls to whichever doctor replied. Due to the big opioid, epidemic, I was referred to the pain clinic. Again, daily pain 8-10+. Again, after many phone calls. At this time the PT personal and the specialist who referred me to PT decided to stop PT until my pain was under control. Now, being there is a contract with the pain clinic. Last week I go. She comes in to say my UA tested positive for marijuana. Granted, I use CBD oil, capsules, and vape. Never once used, nothing new from the first UA. Yet, when I told here, the dosing or the dosage was not enough to stay on top of the pain. Not listening, she furthers the timing from every 6 hours, to every 8. Leaves the room and the visit is over. Again, several phone calls are made… Now, between the doctor who stopped PT, until the pain subsides. Is in agreement, with what the Pain Clinic has to say “PT”. So, vs listening to me, that I am in PAIN… They decide PT is the answer. Because of my schedule… I get 50mg of Tramadol, with two extra strength Tylenol… Twice a day, if I’m lucky. Which is at the lowest spectrum, according to this article. Grrr…
    My Life, MY life has now been taken over by this disease along with EVERYthing that goes with it.
    Ran by pain and controlled by doctors.
    End rant

    1. says: Pam

      I went 21 years having fibromyalgia and dealing with it without any pain medicine until last week. I’ve been dealing with chronic pain, extreme sensitivity to light and sound, and eight years ago had gotten diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I sucked it up and dealt with it, having an underaged child to care for who has been my priority. I’m a female who had started with fibromyalgia at the age of 27. In reading your message, I hear anger and frustration. Maybe it would be a wise idea to seek some counseling and possibly get on some medication to help you calm down a bit. Anger and frustration can only cause you stress, tension, and more pain. It might be the start to you feeling a lot better without the higher dosage of an opioid, and make you a little happier in life being thankful for other things. Meditation or massage therapy may help as well.

      1. says: Sherry Boddy

        Pam, I am there with you!!!!!! All was going along at a tolerable rate for 5-6 yrs., until the Medical system decided that my PCP could no longer prescribe Tamadol. All chronic pain patients HAD to go to Pain Management. Apparently 90% of their pts had pain issues, so no appt for 4-6 months (yes, I said MONTHS!!!!) They could get me in with Sports Medicine/Pain Management, & they ARE allowed to prescribe pain medication…. Yes, they do expect me to do a lot of the work (exercises, etc.), but I don’t mind doing IF my pain is manageable….
        Anyway, you might want to entertain that idea… Sports Medicine may help you too….. I had to have an EMG & get an MRI done yet, but I did get an Rx for the Tramadol to get me thru til then….

    2. says: Sue

      Get a new Dr! Get someone who understands your pain. Perhaps a rheumatologist, although many are turning patients to pain clinics, which are expensive and don’t work. Muscle relaxants, such as flexeril can be of help. Cut one in two pieces. Your Dr should feel ok with that. Good luck.I am not a dr, so don’t rely on my advice. I’m just telling you what has worked for me.

      1. says: Sue Craig

        I have been too many specialist yes i live with paun but my meds caused worse issues like my liver and other things when my liver went bad they took me off the same meds that they put me on over 10 yrs ago go figure that one wrrent important afyer all i took myself off rest i geel alot better still have my bad days

  6. says: Jayne Hernon

    I was on Tramadol for two years and then it didn’t touch me anymore , I’ve been on 30 mg of MST for 4 years now and now that’s becoming useless So where do I go now, I have chronic Rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, nothing works anymore.

      1. says: Shelly

        It does work without Tylenol. Also My rheumatologist started me on Tramadol about 15 yrs ago and I am still taking the same dosage. There are days when it is less effective than other days but that is understandable as I have fibromyalgia ( for about 35 yrs), psoriatic arthritis and osteo arthritis. I don’t add anything on those days but If it is really bad I may add Tramadol about 2pm. Usually I just take it about 7 am and 11pm. It is a very effective drug when used correctly and I have no desire to misuse it.

    1. says: Lisa

      Have you tried using a tens unit. You hook yourself up, put the pads we’re you are hurting the worst start on a low setting and work up from there. I have been using one for over 10 years to help with my fibromyalgia pain especially in my lower back and hips.

  7. says: A buxton

    I hv taken tramadol for 25 yrs. I started when it was Ultram an 1.00 a pill. I cannot function without it. My pain level is too high without it. Fibro, osteoarthritis, gout etc. My knees hv 15% mobility and are bone on bone. Just washing dishes is painful. I went to pain clinic an they started playing with my dosage. 2 tramadol 3xs a day. 6 a day. 50 mg. My Rhuematologist writes my rx. Hell with pain clinic. I am 70 yrs old an hv to be drug tested . I wd use pot if it was legal. I believe in quality of life not quanity. I hv it on Tramadol. If they stop my meds I will leave the country.

    1. says: lesley gray

      have you heard of CBD it is from the cannabis plant but it has the stuff that makes you high taken out, it is legal and many web sites sell it and you can also buy it from holland and barrets I use it for pain and find it very good.

  8. says: Sheila

    I read all these post .and can relate to every one of them. But I’m hopeful they can find a better treatment for fibromyalgia then we have now. Yes I too was sent to a pain clinic that I truly couldn’t afford. Who also gave me same meds as my primary care physician.which was tramadol. I was very relauctuant to take any pain meds so I suffered in silence. Tramadol only slightly helped me. So they put me on Lyrica which helped alot more as I’m also type two diabetic.the pain I expierence with fibromyalgia has ruined my qualItyof life . You are not alone. There’s hope! We know a little more about the desease today then years ago. So I’m hopeful new treatments my come… My prayers and thoughts are with you all always.

    1. says: Sue

      There is no reason you can’t take tramadol with Tylenol for your pain, plus an anti anxiety pill. Talk to a psychiatrist about your meds and potential side effects. Tramadol plus Tylenol was the combination for the patented drug Ultracet. Now we take the generic Tramadol, but often people don’t add the Tylenol because they don’t know about it. Makes a huge difference in effectiveness. Just don’t go over the recommended dosage of the drugs. If you obey the rules you should be fine.I am not a dr, so don’t take my advice as gospel. But Tramadol has been the only drug ever to help me.

  9. says: Jane Presley

    I felt like the woman that is 70years old. I’m 65 and have awful pain, along with pulmonary fibrosis, and c.o.p.d. I called my Dr a couple of years ago and she told me she could no longer give both to me, pain or ativan. I chose the pain meds. But a few months after I changed my choice. The withdrawal from the pain meds was bad, bad. This last January I got shingles. The Dr put me on the pain meds again, thank GOD. Still suffering with shingles.

  10. says: Kimberly

    Yes, tramadol is what i take for fibrmyalgia..its been 7 years and That’s the only thing that helps and it has no drowsy effects on my to where i cant function..

  11. says: Desba

    I was on Tramadol for Over 10 yrs. Then came new rules and my clinic refused to prescribe it any longer. I weened off of it and replaced with CBD oil which has increased in price so I can no longer afford it. I now make and use California poppy tincture and it helps slightly but not really well. However since stopping the Tramadol, my hair and nails are much healthier. I’m sure other things are better as well, just not the pain! I am also depressed though that’s probably more from the pain and fatigue and fear from being dependent on SSDI at less than a decent living wage.

    1. says: Meg Reinermann

      Has anyone looked into trying kratom with any success? I have tried to wean off Tramadol 4x she to all the side effects, but can’t handle the pain of withdrawal and fibro plus arthritis. Cbd oil doesn’t help me either.

      1. says: Krnflwr

        I successfully weaned off tramadol, cymbalta, gabapentin using kratom. Life with kratom is so so much better than being heavily drugged all the time. My quality of life is much better, pain is manageable and energy levels much increased. Kratom literally saved my life.

  12. says: RJ Heim

    These stories are all so familiar to me, also, Except I think if I were stuck with with Tramadol, I might not be here now. I had to go off of it because I started having tremors on it. But as both nurse And chronic pain patient myself, I always thought of Tramadol as not much more than “like Rx Strength Tylenol.” At least as far as my situation, with Fibromyalgia, RA, OA, and Autoimmune diseases — it was like using a squirtgun to try putting out a fire in a huge building! I also have liver problems, and Tylenol for breakthrough pain is no longer an option for me. I appreciate each day that I am able to have a decent day, do things, and take care of myself … But daily I fear that just any time now, my current Rx will be pulled away. I honestly don’t know what to do when that time comes, or how I can manage. Some days it’s not even enough, but I’m afraid to say so, afraid to lose what I do have. I had answered one questionnaire for a Rheumy, about what all non-Rx I’d tried to help the pain — and it was like writing an essay. I’ve used Essential oils, TENS, pain creams, lotions, gels, … You name it, I’ve been there — of course!
    How I deal with those really Bad days without relief? I take muscle relaxers and sleep both day and night!!! No, that’s not good! Most of my family is sick and tired of me — from my complaints, to missing family functions, to turning down luncheons.
    And the severe fatigue … OMGosh, there is no help. On my worst days, I get to choose ONE Activity, mostly. And some days — that’s a shower!
    {{SPOON THEORY comes to mind!}}.
    WHAT TO DO? SOMETHING’S GOT TO GIVE! People can take this for so long — and when opiods are no longer an option — then, I DON’T KNOW.

  13. says: Elías MF


    Respectfully yours forever!
    In Jesus ‘ name…humbly!
    (Is.41:10); (Jer.33:3); (Lk.1:37); (Fil.4:13).

  14. says: Deborah

    I’m thankful for tramodol. I’ve never had any side effects with this drug. I’d have NO QUALITY OF LIFE WITHOUT IT.

  15. says: Bec

    I take Tramadol, celebrex, savella, and robaxin (mild muscle relaxer). That’s my “fibro cocktail” from my pain manager Dr. It works to keep flares at bay for minor triggers. However, the storms we’ve had the last several weeks have set my body in full flare, which drives me to use my “big pill”–flexeril. It helps a ton, but I’m am useless for 14 hours after I take it. I sleep some, then in zombie mode. My body gets sore from bad flares, so it takes a while to recover.
    I know of no side effects from my Tramadol use..but someone mentioned nails…my finger nails are weak and oral all the time. Perhaps that’s from the Tram….. I’m sorry for those who lose their tramadol Rx. I don’t think I could stand it without them. I take it 2x/day, 3x on bad days.
    I, too, hope and pray for better meds and a cure!!
    PS: Panaway essential oil, Deep Relief essential oil blend, and Cool Azule essential oil cream are all great to help target pain that is “touchable”. I use Young Living oils and can recommend them. Unfortunately insurance doesn’t cover them. But a little goes a long way…

  16. says: Jacqui Hemes

    I was diagnosed with fibro in 99 was fine, working taking tramadol fantastic. In 2007 i caught glandular fever. After 9 weeks the fever had gone but i.couldnt carry on working. Pain fatigue flare ups still on tramadol and i got the side effect of vomiting. I have never been sick like it. I.couldnt take it anymore. After talking to my doctor I have been on fentynol patches ever since. They take care of some of the pain still get pain but not as much as I have had before. Still get flare ups but i couldnt manage without my patches..I have to change them every 72 hours. I forgot twice one after the other through fibro fog. Never again terrible withdrawal symptoms but couldn’t manage without them.

  17. says: Paula

    I have had fibro and myofascial pain for 32 years. After much trial and error, I am now on 60 mg Cymbalta, 500 mg Parafon forte, 10 mg Gabapentin, and 50 mg Ultram. I also use Voltaren gel for the trigger points from the myo fascial pain. I also have problems with my sacral joint in my right hip. These meds work fairly well for me unles I overdo like i did today.

  18. says: Fran

    I have fibromyalgia for over 20 yrs. I’ve been taking Vicodin for so long , it doesn’t seem to be working anymore . I read about Tramadol and I hope it will help. I was diagnosed with blood clots on my lungs, multiple large ones, I was taking ibuprophen in between to help, but now I’m on Eloquis, blood thinner, I only can take Tylenol in between. You have been very helpful

  19. says: Hinky

    I’m going to say some things here, don’t know how it will go over. Here it goes anyway. I’ve had Fibro for over 30 yrs. (Diagnosed anyway.) Longer I know. I was totally crippled by it. I have been on all these drugs you speak of on here. Cymbals almost did me in trying to get off it. Horrible, horrible withdrawals. Still to this day I will get brain zaps out of no where!
    I am not on any drugs now. They just added to my dispare. I have just learned to live with the pain. I get up everyday even if it’s unbearable. I Do not allow myself to stay in bed. Mornings are horrendous. But I do it anyway. If the pain is so bad then I get into a hot bath. That is the only thing that will take the pain totally away for a brief time. Moving in spite of the pain helps. The more you move the better those muscles will feel. If you don’t move its much worse. Please don’t let this ruin your lives. If you can come to a realization that this is what I’ve got. I have to learn how to live with it. Get counseling if necessary. I can only speak for myself, but I have just made up my mind that “I may have Fibromyalgia, but IM NOT FIBROMYALGIA. This has been my motto for years. I also have rheumatoid arthritis so believe me I know pain. I pray everyday for God to let me get through another day. I’m not criticizing anyone here, I’m just sharing how I’ve come to manage my walk with that Fibro Monster.

    1. says: Debi N. W.

      I’ve had these pain issues since I was 14 I am now 52 was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2002, I have tried so many of the different medications many of you are talking about currently have tramadol, lyrica, nortriptaline, and an anti inflammatory arthritis med I can’t recal name of atm but I find that my super hot baths are most helpful as well as keeping as mobile as possible, the meds I take on those seriously bad flare up days so as not to become dependent or hooked on them, or so they don’t become ineffective, I too do the suck it up and deal with the pain yes at the 8-10+ levels most days, good days are only 4-6 not saying anything against anyone else just what I do for myself, I have two young defendant daughters to care for one a special needs child, and live on a dairy farm so not getting out of bed is not an option, I rest when I can do what I absolutely must and let the rest wait till I have one of those good days and can catch up it is depressing to have to tell my girls I hurt so not today but it helps they and my husband and family know I’m not just uninterested and am really trying my best doing what I can when I can. I guess my point is don’t beat yourselves up for what you are not able to do today because of the pain, keep doing as much as you can but try not to overdo, if you do overdo rest as you are able but don’t go immobile as that is my worst enemy, if I relax too long I have serious issues getting going again. I know y’alls Pain and yet keeping the thought and determination to not be a total invalid to its issues and be stuck in a wheelchair is what’s kept me going. I just do what I can when I can and tell myself it’s ok to not get that done as long as my immediate family and the animals are taken care of to the best of my ability things like laundry or dishes or picking up the little messes of daily life can just wait. I also have bladder urgency and leakage issues and suffer from occasional constipation or opposite issues tho not officially been diagnosed with ibs yet, they also help me be mobile as messing yourself is not fun so try to avoid that as much as possible, prayer helps a lot, and every day I wake up and get to spend with my family and critters is a blessing even if I can’t do everything I’d like to with them I know the pain struggle I just refuse to let it stop me completely and tell myself it’s just life the best I can manage. Positive thoughts refusal to give in completely to the pain and an understanding family, long HOT baths and prayer and occasional pain meds are my help in this constant struggle. Thanks for reading my post and prayers to all who relate in any way

  20. says: Lori

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue 30 years ago. I have run the gamete of all sorts of drugs, physical therapy, counseling, etc. Lyrica helped a lot but my insurance won’t pay for it anymore. They also decided not to pay for my Pristique after I had been on it for several years. Funny how they stopped paying for it after it went generic. I now have to purchase it on my own through GoodRX. I pay a lot for my insurance but all they are interested in is collecting premiums from me. Now because of the Opium problem in this country all I can get is Tramadol but that too is a pain to get. The only thing that has helped me in recent years is going to an alternative healthcare professional. She has me on all sorts of vitamins and herbs which are expensive and of course my insurance won’t pay for any of it. It has helped though so next time we renew our insurance we are going to go to a lesser policy since it doesn’t do us much good anyway and continue with the herbal remedies. I also swim and do yoga classes. I am in some degree of pain every day but try to stay active and not dwell on it. Good luck to all of you out there. It’s rough and I am sick and tired of the government and insurance companies ruining people’s lives.

  21. says: Jill

    I have been on a load of tabs that never worked and some that now the doctors won’t perscription in the opiate selection as I had a burst aneurysm and a stroke
    The tramadol and the extra amitryptaline now on 100 grams at night are now helping me

  22. says: Christi Murphy

    Question for y’all…. Pain doc gave me 50 mg Extended Release Tramadol. Should I be taking Tylenol with it? How much and how often?

  23. says: PrinCyn

    I was prescribed Tramadol several years ago and I began having seizures. At the time that was the only medication I was taking and no other reasons were thought to be the cause of the seizures. So just beaware this is definitely one of those medications that has the nasty side effect of seizures. I have since then taken pain medications that are stronger than Tramadol with no side effects at all. Everyone’s body is different, therefore everyone can react differently to medications. Just be careful with any new medications that you try especially when taking any prescriptions for the first time and anytime your doctor increases your dosages. ~

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