Best Meditation Apps For Fibromyalgia

10% Happier

Dan Harris, a leader of a science-based meditation movement, is the person behind this app. It makes use of various meditation gurus in leading the meditation activities. Harris also collected some of the best mediation leaders to use for this app. Since the app focuses on science based meditation, it is mainly designed for use in improving cognitive function.

The Mindfulness App

This app comes with a 5-day guided meditation instruction.  It has both free and paid subscription, which is for $9.99 per month. The app works like a music player that plays calming music for meditation. It also gives you an option to download your favorite music for offline use. The paid subscription features several meditations that focus on specific things like relationship, calmness and focus.

These meditation apps make mediation easy and accessible to anyone.  You can mediate anywhere and anytime by simply following the guides in these applications. Try them now!

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