Best Meditation Apps For Fibromyalgia


This is more than just a meditation app. The entire logic behind this app is that it makes use of science to improve brain’s functionality. Although it is primarily used for meditation, it also has guides on mind exercises for other purposes. Its main goal is to teach you the best approach in certain aspects of your life using your mind. It has a free trial for ten days. After which, you need to pay for $12.99 for monthly subscription.


This is another app that can help you relax. It display scenes of nature which you can view while meditating. This helps in visual relaxation and makes your meditation even more effective. It also comes with a timer and plays relaxing sounds to calm your nerves. The app requires payment. However, it also comes with a free version that you can avail. It features several guided meditations with scenic views of nature. It is ideal for stressful days where you just need to decompress.

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