Benefits and Risks of Trazodone for Fibromyalgia

trazodone for fibromyalgia

Trazodone for fibromyalgia is said to be effective in treating the most common symptoms of the chronic pain syndrome. Trazodone is a type of antidepressant that promotes the production of serotonin. As a result, the medication can help to elevate ones mood, restore normal sleep patterns and counteract pain.

How Does Trazodone Help Fibromyalgia?

According to research, Trazodone can help to enhance quality of sleep. Not only that, it helps to improve cognitive function and lucidity. It also diminishes the symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, researchers sparked major concerns regarding the potential side effects of the medicine.

According to clinical and controlled studies conducted by experts, Trazodone is as effective as antidepressant medications. However, studies revealed some alarming side effects and one of it is heart condition.

Side Effects Of Trazodone For Fibromyalgia

Trazodone has an unmatched ability in treating glaucoma and constipation. Unlike other medications, the medicine will not trigger anticholinergic reactions. As such, it has been the number one choice of treatment for these conditions. Trazodone can also produce sedative effects and this can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and agitation. Patients who suffers from lethargy and chronic fatigue may find its sedative effects to be an inconvenient to carrying out daily activities.


Given the side effects of Trazodone, precautionary measures must be observed by doctors and patients themselves. If a person is sensitive to Trazodone, he/she should administer smaller dosage.

As for minors who are also taking antidepressants, parents must be aware of the warning signs such as suicidal tendencies. This is especially true among youth. When it comes to suicidal thought processes, early intervention and precautionary measures are crucial. Both adults and minors must take this medication only in small doses for safety reasons. A lot of antidepressants trigger indifferent mental state. This is the reason why patients end up with suicidal tendencies. Another alarming side effect of the medication is seizure.

When it comes to overdose, Trazodone for fibromyalgia is much safer compared to other antidepressants. Furthermore, people do not often succumb to overdose with this medication. However, in rare cases, if taken in excess, it can spike the toxicity level in the bloodstream. In fact, one of the worst cases of Trazodone overdose is development of  heart blockage. This can trigger failures of other organs in the body.

Consult your doctor before administering Trazodone for fibromyalgia.


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  • I took trazadone beginning several years and had good results. At about the first of the year, I noticed a slight involuntarily movement in my index finger. It got so bad that I could not type on my computer.
    Currently I am taking melelonin to help me with sleep.

  • I have taken the lowest dose of trazodone for over 10 years. It helps me sleep. I won’t be without it. I take none other prescription s…

  • I used to take it every day about 7 years ago. However, I stopped because I was on the highest mg and still didn’t help to make me sleep. It did lift my mood for the most part. But, it made me feel hungry all of the time. Especially at night. It was like I couldn’t get enough to eat. I was gaining weight, like 20 lbs. I stopped taking it, on my own. Not all at once, I wean myself off of it. But I have a low dose that I take now and it does help me to sleep. Maybe that many years ago I was going through a lot of things, I guess that’s why it didn’t really help me like it does now.

  • I have not had a good experience with Trazodone. I was prescribed this medication in March of 2017 to help me sleep. I took it for about a month and a half, before I completely stopped taking it. I took myself off of it because I had begun having horrible abdominal pain(similar to labor pains) and still did not have much improvement with my sleep. I do not know if the Trazodone is the actual cause of my initial pain, but I did not have any other changes in my diet or lifestyle to relate to this unbearable pain. I had tried different pain relievers, with only little success in finding relief of this pain, and even went to the Emergency Room for treatment. I also had to give up a really good job, because of my worsening health condition. After having a laparoscopic surgery at my OB-GYN, a Colonoscopy at my Gastroenterologist, trying numerous GI and pain medications, trying the FOD-MAP diet, and more unbearable symptoms, I have finally gotten some answers in September 2018. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Interstitial Cystitis, all conditions that have been reported to coincide together. I have just started Lyrica and hope to have better results with battling my pain, headaches, fever feelings, dizziness, excessive sweating, fatigue, nausea, and continued trouble sleeping. Like I said, I don’t know for sure if the Trazodone is to blame for the beginning of all of this, but I also don’t think it is a coincidence that my abdominal pain improved for a short time after stopping the medication. My life has been completely turned upside down as a result of these medical conditions over the last year and a half, and I have decided that I am going to read about all side effects with new drugs that I start taking. If there is anything you take away from this comment, I hope you take my advice to read the fine print to know what could possibly happen after taking a new medication, especially one that is an antidepressant prescribed for sleep problems.

  • I have been taking trazodone at bedtime for probably 28 years. I have been prescribed it for sleeping. My past and present 30 years fibromyalgia Pain has robbed me of any sleeping pattern. With trazodone I sleep.

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