Is Bacon Bad For Fibromyalgia?

We love our bacon. We could have had it more than a thousand times in our lives. But is bacon really bad for fibromyalgia? Bacon is highly acidic and the fatty acids it contains can easily aggravate your pain symptoms. Having a lot of pork can result in massive inflammation of your joints. Just imagine eating bacon for breakfast and having to spend the rest of the week in pain, it can really affect your lifestyle.

Bacon also has fat, A LOT of them. A huge amount of bacon's calories are fat; 71% to be exact and half of them are saturated fat. As it is processed, it can also lead to many other diseases like heart problems and cancer. You would also put on more weight which can result in pain aggravation as well.

It is a big NO to take bacon although some suggest that having bacon in moderation is fine. If you suffer from any mucles and joint pain from fibromyalgia, it is recommended that you stop the bacon intake. If it is a tough task for you to cut your bacon completely, a big tip from us is to replace your bacon with turkey bacon which has just half the calories of pork bacon. There are some brands that have no saturated fats. Pick those.

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