What You Need to Know About Fibromyalgia Burning Sensations

fibromyalgia burning sensation

Do you experience moments where your bones seem to be on fire? Or perhaps, you feel burning sensations on your back and under the skin. This is very common among fibromyalgia patients. Read on to find out what causes burning sensation in fibromyalgia.

What Causes Burning Sensations in Fibromyalgia?

According to experts, the pain that fibromyalgia patients feel is due to a “glitch” in the way the body processes pain. As a result of this glitch, fibromyalgia patients are likely hypersensitive to stimuli, which thus, leads to pain. Consequently, your body sometimes register stimuli as a burning sensation.

This burning sensation can also be explained with allodynia, where one feels pain from a non-painful stimulation of the skin. This type of pain is often associated with migraine. However, most fibromyalgia sufferers do not need to be touched to feel the burning sensation. Hence, although allodynia is common in fibro patients, it is not necessarily the trigger of burning sensation in all cases.

In general, however, there seems to be almost nothing that can explain the symptoms of fibromyalgia. This is one of the great mysteries that surround this strange condition.

How to Treat and Prevent Burning Sensations in Fibromyalgia?

Here are some of the things that can help fibro sufferers ease the burning sensations:

  • Massage therapy – one of the challenges that a fibro patient face is the inability to relax the muscles. Your muscles can get tensed even without you noticing. This leads to the buildup of lactic acid that could trigger burning sensation. Therefore, getting a massage done by a professional therapist can somehow help to ease the pain.
  • Cortisone shots – this can be administered by a doctor. However, this can only provide a temporary relief. Also, it may not be applicable to all cases of burning sensations.
  • Heat therapy – some fibro patients have reported that heat therapy options like electric blankets and hot tub can provide great relief.
  • Supplements – even though the main reason behind the burning feeling is still unknown, one possible cause could be nutrition deficiencies. As such, taking supplements can somehow help to relieve you of the burning sensation.
  • Antihistamines – some antihistamine medications have been proven to be effective in treating burning pain among fibromyalgia patients.
  • Minimizing stress – we all know that stress do no good in our bodies. Looking for ways to relieve stress can somehow help to treat your fibromyalgia symptoms including burning sensation.

Whatever reason is behind your burning sensation, it’s important that you discuss this with your doctor. This is especially important if the pain has become unbearable.


  • I began waking up with my skin on fire approximately two years ago. I have been unwell for 17 years now and am severe.
    Every morning when I awake it is like someone is holding me down next to an electric fire, I burn all over, even my scalp. It is like a form of torture and is unbearable to the extent that I dread waking up now. I also, roughly every six weeks wake up completely wet through, the bedding is saturated as if I have gone straight from the shower into bed. Life shouldn’t be like this. I get some relief once I have taken opioid pain relief and had something to eat and drink. I also burn in my genital area, have just had a uti which lasted 8 weeks and has taken four courses of antibiotivpcs to clear. I was unaware that this was related to Fibromyalgia and was thinking this was due to chronic Lyme.
    Is this common then please?

  • I write this to all of you that suffer daily from this horrifying pain that just will not STOP! Diagnosed in 1998, and now 57,it has totally stripped me of the life I loved, and knew. I was in the public eye, as a D. J by. Night, a wedding Coordinator and floral Designer by day.
    Today, all I have are memories of those wonderful times, now my body is fatigued, sore everywhere, migraines,and I have to force myself to even move from the recliner to eat something during the day.
    I have a wonderful man in my life, but my depression along with everything else, I feel useless to him. He’s 5yrs younger than I, and does most everything around the house, plus works. My body is tired, my mind can’t handle the fog, and I don’t look forward to anything anymore. I don’t think my partner understands how fibromalgia works on the body and the mind. He says he loves me, and wants to get married, but, I feel he deserves so much more of a woman than me, with a chronic illness that’s never going away.
    I’m alone all day, everyday, and I’m just tired !!!!!

    • I can so relate to your post. I was nearly bedridden and near suicidal. dx in 2000 with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. My symp got better but in 2011 my fibro came back full force and the pain was debilitating. in May 2017 i began a 4 day all broth/ liquid fast…after 4 days i felt pretty good. so i continued doing an intermittent fast daily along with a ketogenic diet. my fibromyalgia sx were nearly gone in 10 days. so, im sticking with it. for 4 years i was in constant pain, horrible brain fog, horrible insomnia. since doing fasting and ketogenic diet ive discovered many food sensitivities. the following foods cause my joints to hurt, muscle aches, headaches, burning pain, brain fog…etc…basically all the fibr sx. they are: tomatoes, all niteshades, all citrus fruits, breads, wheat, gluten, grains etc, soy, dairy..esp yogurts…but some cheese are ok for me. as soon as i consume any of these my fibr sx come back. I have felt amazing the last 5 mon..better than ever in the last 17 yrs. very minimal fibro related pain. havent needed pain meds since May. I do a ketogenic diet…started with a book I found online called 30day keto cleanse by Maria Emmerich. Started there….in 10 days i had soooo much relief. check out book at library? ive also seen in at Costco few time. she has several books..but the 30 day cleanse is how I got started.

    • Oh wow do I know how you feel GF. I’m soooo tired all the time and have a wonderful husband that takes great care of me. He loves me unconditionally and would sell his sole to the devil for me to be well. If this man loves you like he says he does and he’s already taking care of you why would you want to let that go? I would count my blessings and kiss the ground he walks on for wanting and being there for you. Just saying

    • My Dear Evelyn,
      Your story made my heart hurt so badly for you. I pray you have a good Dr, and Rheumatologist.
      If you dont please find them now.
      I was diagnosed oct 2016.I am now 55. My Name is Suzy. My email is susancrew77@gmail.com. I am in Indiana and would love to help you in any way I can. Not only do I have Fibro, but also Psoriasis and psoriatic Arthritis. I have yet another comllication that makes me hard to treat. In 2 visits to my Dr at diagnosis I went from 2 meds a day to 6 for a total of 11 pills and creams ect a day. The first 2 meds were antidepressants and a horrible mistake. I have made up my mind to shop for a new Dr because those 2 meds nearly killed me and he is intent on putting me back on one. He did not ween me off he simply took them from me and withdrawal is worse than walking through hell barefoot. 4/6/18
      I pray for healing and a more pain free exsistance for you today and going forward.

  • I have Poly myalgia rheumatica, is this quiet common also. I do not hear of this often like I do fibromyalgia? I have most of the same symptoms as fibromyalgia.
    I have asked, and asked. Thank-you

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