Myofascial Release For Fibromyalgia


Tennis Balls

One to two tennis balls placed in a sock would be great for Myofascial release for fibromyalgia. Like the foam roller, you just have to sit on the ball then move back and forth in order to massage the deep tissues of your body. This is also a great treatment for other conditions, such as Piriformis syndrome. It is recommended that you look for these balls at the toy section of a store. Manufacturers of dog toys also produce solid rubber balls that can withstand the abuse that dogs inflict. This is what makes the balls ideal for massage.


Restorative yoga, or yin, is also very helpful for working out the tension in your fascia and muscles. There are lots of routines that can be done in order to help you in dealing with pain. You can also incorporate the use of rollers and balls in your yoga routine to achieve a more therapeutic effect.


myofascial release for fibromyalgia

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