Is Insulin Resistance the Missing link to Fibromyalgia?


Recently, a renown university in the United States discovered that majority of patients with Fibromyalgia have a close connection with insulin resistance. According to this research, both are independent health complications. That is, their procedures of treatment are contrasting. While insulin resistance is more linked to diabetes or diabetics related symptoms, the primary symptom of the chronic condition is pain.

However, there is no proof that the two disorders are not connected. The disorder leads to brain dysfunction, similar to what happens in patients with insulin resistance. Brain dysfunction, in turn, interferes with the body’s response to insulin. In the study, all the participants who had the illness showed symptoms of high blood sugar.

After treating the patients with prescription drugs targeting blood sugar regulation, the pain levels reduced. Thus, insulin resistance may be the underlying factor which causes the health complication. This may mean using diabetes-related treatment procedures for patients. Following evidence-based research, this disease is amongst the common caused of pain and disability. Perhaps if health experts regard diabetes treatment as a fundamental part of treating the complication, cases of mortality due to chronic pain, disability, and other related symptoms will reduce significantly. However, there is a need for caution, as some patient do not have uncontrolled sugar levels.

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