How Magnesium Improves Fibromyalgia

Magnesium is a vital mineral which almost every organ in our body needs. Magnesium is involved in numerous body functions from metabolic activity, enzymic activity, bone formation, regulation of other essential nutrients in our body, proper muscle functioning, cell signalling, stress regulation etc. Various studies have found that magnesium is effective in treating depression, migraine and reducing pain and tenderness in fibromyalgia.

How To Increase Magnesium Levels

Here are five ways in which you can increase magnesium levels to improve fibromyalgia symptoms:

Magnesium-rich diet
You can reduce your fibromyalgia symptoms by eating a magnesium-rich diet. Good sources of magnesium can be found in green, leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes, grains, beans and unrefined foods.

Brown seaweed extract
Brown seaweed extract is one of the best sources of magnesium and is ideal for fibromyalgia relief. It can be taken in the form of a supplement, simply used as seasoning in soups or stir-fry, tossed in salads or even blended in your smoothie.

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