What Are Fibromyalgia Trigger Points?


Trigger points should not be confused with tender points, they are not the same. Trigger points are key symptom of Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS), a common condition which co-exists in fibromyalgia patients. Tender points, on the other hand, are unique to fibromyalgia and exhibit different characteristics. One key difference between the two is that trigger points are physical abnormalities in the muscle fibers and tender points are not. Hence, trigger points can be observed in scans whereas tender points cannot.

Cause of Fibromyalgia Trigger Points

Fibromyalgia trigger points are often a result of lactic acid buildup in the muscles. Another cause could be a dysfunctional healing response common in fibromyalgia patients. Some medical experts found that the dysfunction of the connective tissues in fibromyalgia is what causes the knots. This condition is also known as the fascia inflammation and can lead to overall sensitization or pain in the body.


fibromyalgia trigger points

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  1. says: Virginia Singleton

    I have had Fibromyalgia for 20 years and I can definitely tell when I am going through something stressful because when I tense up my mind and and body want to shut down. I hurt So bad that I can’t hardly get out of bed. Does this happen to anyone else? I have a really bad knot on my upper back that the doc. Just shrug and go it is muscles, but when I have a hard time breathing and use my inhaler believe it or not the pain easies up.it doesn’t go away but it does seem to help.

  2. says: Annie

    Just diagnosed with RA. Been living with Fibro for over 15 years. Now…..double the pain! I just want to let those others suffering from either condition, or possibly both, you are in my prayers. No meds have really helped me substantially, but trying to keep your spirit lifted through the pain, has. This I pray for all of you as well. Hoping you find relief….by whatever means.

  3. says: michelle villegas

    I have fibro,ra n oa plus 5hynated disks n buldin disks also have spurs in my knees n severe bad diabetic i hurt all over cant cook or clean cauae i have such severe pain in neck n arms n back n knees i wanna end it sumtimes but keep on cause of my kids n grandkids i stay in bed all the time except to go to dr n get food i cant walk have to use electric cart i miss goin shoppin in stires but they dont have a cart so my husband who has ms does everything n we have 2 sm kids together n i e been fightin with ssi since 2005 just git denied again n am goin to appeal it cause i e gotten worse n they put me on oxycontin glad i could vent to peps who have these diseases n the worse part is i cant eat have no appetite so force to eat thanku

  4. says: Carolyn

    Please elaborate more on tender points, what they are, where they are physiologically. Etc. Thanks.
    Also I think a questionnaire for those of us diagnosed, to find things in common, ie have we all gone through emotional trauma, were we restless as children?

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