Guaifenesin For Fibromyalgia

guaifenesin fibromyalgia

One of the fibromyalgia treatment options that have been gaining attention is guaifenesin therapy. Guaifenesin fibromyalgia therapy is said to help alleviate some of the painful symptoms.

What is Guaifenesin?

Guaifenesin is a common ingredient in various cough syrups. The main purpose of guaifenesin is to treat the congestion associated with common colds. It was in 1952 that the FDA approved the use of guaifenesin. Today, you can find guaifenesin in the market under several brand names, such as Robitussin, Fenesin and Humidid.

Is Guaifenesin Fibromyalgia Treatment Effective?

Some health experts believe that guaifenesin therapy is effective at minimizing some of the most common fibromyalgia symptoms. It works by reducing the calcium phosphate deposits, which have negative effects on the patient’s health. A clinical professor from the University of California believes that excess phosphate causes fibromyalgia. Thus, based on this theory, taking low doses of guaifenesin may alleviate the pain brought by fibromyalgia. This includes muscle tension and other types of muscle pain.


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  1. says: Lucy Panasiuk

    I tried it for a few days and it was miraculous. Only problem was nausea. There are capsules available I found from USA on internet but i can’t swallow them. They are expensive though.

  2. says: SM54

    I did the guifenisen therapy about 16 years ago, based on the method outlined in the book: “What your doctor may not have told you about fibromyalgia.” To be clear, the list of avoidances is much longer than those briefly mentioned in the last paragraph of this article. And very strict. I adhered to them religiously.

    My doctor mapped me regularly during this period of about a year, and my tender points reduced dramatically. He became a reluctant believer. Even though I no longer adhere to this protocol, I feel that it had some long lasting benefits. Now I consider myself “fibromyalgic” but I don’t consider that I have fibromyalgia.

    To be extra clear, I believe that the biggest fibro health benefit I see is from avoiding food sensitivities, of which I have many. If I ate the SAD, I would be crippled with pain and misery.

    Figuring out your food sensitivities, and avoiding them, is the best you can do for yourself. But this might be worth a try if you’re willing to avoid all salicylates.

  3. says: Martin Ekert

    It seems to me that the risks outweigh the potential benefits? Especially as full clinical trials haven’t been done.
    Now I’m all for trying new things and methods to help with my Fibromyalgia, but I would definitely give risky things a wide birth. Let’s face it… we have enough problems without the risks of adding to the list lol.

  4. says: Amanda Hakkarainen

    I did the guaifenesin therapy about 17 years ago. I will admit that when I started it made me feel worse but then I had remarkable improvement. I continued with the guaifenesin for about 6 months and have never had to do it again. I still have fibro pain etc, but it is much less than it was before the therapy. I am now on LDN and am almost pain free.

  5. says: Janet

    I tried it about 17 to 18 yr ago have a book on it ,it can help but you have to watch what you eat,what cream you use,soap all make a difference ,and you can get it in pill form called mucinex

  6. says: Renata

    I have very painful fibromyalgia and would like to try guaifenesein. How much dosage do you start with? And are you taking this on it’s own or as an ingredient in Ribotussin etc. Thank you

  7. says: Julie

    I have been on the Guaifenesin protocol for one year as of Sept 1st at first you feel worse but by keeping a journal i could tell my symptoms were slowly improving. Than this year i added a low carb strict diet and swim therapy it has also helped. But i could of never added the latter two changes without getting pain and other symptoms more under control with the guaifenesin. I order my guaifenesin from it is under $30 a month. I believe it is a combination of things that works for each individual. Im so glad i tried it has increased my function and decreased my symptoms.

  8. says: Elanda SEVETRAL West

    It just my hands are very red and my face is very red I feel like my face is just crawling and my legs Burns very much some days I can’t even get out of bed they hurt so hard by Lee

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