Are You Having Fibromyalgia Memory Loss?


Sleep Complications in Fibromyalgia

Most fibromyalgia patients also suffer from sleep complications. In fact, despite the high levels of fatigue which they tend to experience, most patients are also not getting enough sleep because of these sleep complications. Those who fail to have regular restorative sleep are more likely to fail in retaining and recalling information properly.

The aforementioned sleep complications include sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and insomnia. They prevent fibro patients from getting restorative sleep which is vital for proper functioning of the body and mind. Hence, lack of restorative sleep can lead to cognitive complications such as memory loss, inability to concentrate and other mind-related issues.

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  1. says: Helen Williams

    I cannot seem to get much help medication wise from my GP’s i am getting worse with the pain and sinusitis and one GP i saw told me it’s not connected with fibromyalgia which i know it is as i have had fibro for ten years I am suffering hell of alot and can’t cope with it anymore had a really bad painful night last night can’t cope with the headaches and lack of sleep and the fatigue please help me

    1. says: Dale

      Helen that sounds so painful. Having FIBRO for 20 yrs I can understand how uninformed the doctors are to our sensitivities . I have found CBD OIL under he younger helps to feel more oiled and a new creamthat I’ve just discovered called Real Time Hemp Oil Plus. A booth at the largest yard sale in KY.was selling it And my sister and I decided to try it as we were hurting so badly. Expensive as can be but REALLY gave relief . Think you can find on Amazon. You also might want to Google Kratom 101 and the Kratom Bible wich is an herb that has helped me tremendously the past 4 years. Good Luck.

    2. says: Kelly Dickinson

      Helen Williams,

      I know exactly how you feel!! It took me forever to find a good doctor that would actually listen me. When looking for another doctor ask them if that doctor specializes or is educated on Fibromyalgia, that is your right as a patient. I understand the frustration you are feeling. Don’t give up you will find a good doctor, I will be praying for you.

  2. says: Ann

    I’m so sorry you sound so helpless but you can manage this fibromyalgia in fact for your sanity it’s a must. Never do too much even going out. When your pain starts take you pain tablets rest use ibuprofen 5% rub on painful areas get out the hot water bottles and your electric blanket rest. Ask doctor to prescribe for the rub and amitriptyline to help you sleep. I pray that you will receive relief in the Lords name. God Bless you

  3. says: Sister Marika Rebicsek

    Helen Williams, sinusitis can be aggravated by food intolerances and allergies. Fibromyalgia can mess up the immune system. If you are having a lot of problems with sinuses, catarrh, try stopping dairy products as these are mucus forming. Also dust allergy, mould allergy will aggravate this. Keep a food diary see when you are better or worse. Hope this helps. I also take a silica supplement that helps connective tissues and it’s reduced my fibromyalgia pain by a third, and energy levels better too. Good luck!

  4. says: Carol Gaunt

    Hi Helen, I can sympathise with you unfortunately a lot of doctors don’t really know much about fibro so don’t know how to treat the condition but there are meds that can help, Ive tried a lot of them but my stomach cant tolerate them, this past year has been my worst so far, I’ve been diagnosed about 10 years but actually had fibro most of my life I’m 64, have you tried Butrans patches? If you are stressed you could try Himalayan Salt Lamps I have them around the home, one in the bedroom helps while you are sleeping also one in the lounge while you sitting, I have changed my diet so I’m eating more healthier, you could try Flaxseed Oil and Tumeric, I’ve just started taking these in capsule form also walking or swimming is very good, I find keeping moving is better for you as if you sit around for any length of time your body seizes up and is more painful , are you on the FMA uk website there is a lot of information on there that may help or if you like you can always contact me, if I can help in any way I will, I help run a fibro/me group in my area, best wishes Carol x

  5. says: Renee

    I’m taking Savalla 100mg 2x a day. It has helped more than anything. Try a RA doctor and pain management. I’m going on 24 years. Good luck and God Bless you.

  6. says: Amy

    The only thing I am on at the moment is gabapentin. My pain has gotten so bad some days I just cry. I was also in a car accident recently and that about took me over the edge with pain. I don’t know what doctor to go to for help with this. I have an orthopedic pain management Dr whom I will be seeing soon. Do I ask him for help with this or some other specialist? I was diagnosed about 8 years ago although I have had it longer than that for sure but I have not been able to find proper help.Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thank u

    1. says: Mary

      Hi Amy I’m sorry that you are going through such a difficult time with fibro and on top of that a car accident. I was diagnosed with fibro 20 yrs. ago since this life changing experience I have gone through a lot. Denial depression etc. What I’ve been learning along the way is acceptance being kind to yourself advocate research and most of all look for a good Rheumatologist. I have found that word of mouth is a good way. If you can’t find one looking for a dr. that is educated in the area of fibro because that will make a difference in how you feel. One more thing try to do positives things to remove you from stress because that I find is one of the things that flares or keeps it in flare longer. Wish you luck.

  7. says: Joanne

    Your pain management doctor will help you. It’s such a long road. But you are hopefully almost there. Feels like it’s hopeless…. but the pain management doctor is the one you want. My psychiatrist and general Dr put me on a combination of Lexapro and Amitriptyline and it reaaaaaally helped. Look it up. New research says an ssri anti depressant along with a trycilic has been a god send.

  8. says: Diane L Myers

    Does anyone suffer from not just migraines but occipital neuralgia? Its severe pressure on the boney part of the middle back part of the head. It even extends to my mastoid bones behind my ears. Its unbelievable! Makes me weak and want to sleep. My inner ear also hurts like an ear infection but dont have one. I’m on Citalopram for depression, which I don’t get depressed but went thru some emotional trauma and was prescribed. I’m also on Klonopin for anxiety. I’ve had panic attacks since age 8. My balance is off, my stomach hurts from aspirin from migraines. Migraines were always bad, but Occipital Neuralgia is even worse! I’m 62 and was diagnosed in 1998 with Fibro. Symptoms started in my 20s after car accident and whiplash. Thank you.

    1. says: Sue Jones

      I have the same deep ear pain along with other neck issues. Went to many ent. doctors. Got a few diagnoses. Started losing hearing gradually and after around 10 years went totally deaf in that ear. Finally found relief from pain from a chiropractor. I believe the problem is muscle tension. Whenever the pain gets bad, I go for an adjustment. It really helps.

    2. says: Ruth Pieger

      Dyann L. Myers… I, too suffer from pain at the back of my head in the two bony prominences at the lower part of the skull. Sometimes it’s so painful at night that I can hardly sleep on it. And it continues to hurt during the day. My doctor says it’s because of my bad posture and that if I would carry my head up and over my shoulders and not look down when I walk, the pain would go away. You can try this if you want, but I’m not having much luck at it. At least I know now that someone else has this problem. I thought I was the only one and my friends tell me they’ve never heard of anything like that. Maybe we should try a pain management doctor. Good luck, Dyann. Ruth Pieger

  9. says: susan yardley

    I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for many years, I also suffer with osteoarthritis in my knees,hips,and my hands I’m in a lot of pain all the time. I have a new problem it’s my foot, it started with a rash itching and painful and it looks like bruising. I asked for advice from a chemist and I was advised to put cream on it and take antihistamine table. It help for awhile but then returned and it feels like pins and needles up and down my leg. Do you think it’s something with Fibromyalgia. I don’t like going to the doctors because it’s hard to get appointment. Susan Yardley

  10. says: Kathy

    Susan we have the same “foot” story. I will be going to the Dermatologist soon but I think Lotrimin antifungal cream for “athlete’s feet” has cleared it up. One thing more that I noticed was the sun “heat” really made it sting and brought out more redness. My general practitioner told me to try the Lotrimin and after 2 months, it’s gone. Give it a try. I too have Fibromyalgia. God bless us all !

  11. says: Maggie sacco

    I have fibromyalgia too.
    I don’t suffer as much as the
    People I have just read about.
    I manage as best I can with the
    Pain I get though.

    I have had fibromyalgia for quite
    A long time now but have learned
    To live with it. It seems to get worse
    As I age , which is a nuisance.
    I try to get a much exercise as I can.

    I walk quite a lot and I love shopping.
    I always think positive and it helps.

    Anyway I wish everyone a pain free
    Week/ and may you all keep a smile
    On your faces.


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