Fibromyalgia Formication: Bugs On Your Skin

fibromyalgia formication

Fibromyalgia comes with many symptoms besides from the commonly known widespread pain and fatigue. Fibromyalgia formication is one of the least talked about symptom.

What Is Fibromyalgia Formication?

Formication is a feeling of bugs on your skin. People who suffer from formication feel like there are bugs crawling on their skin. It feels like an itch which you cannot scratch away. Read on to find out more about it.

According to medical experts, formication affects people with psychological problems. It is a common symptom of substance abuse in people with psychological conditions. Although patients who experience formication feel that there are bugs on their skin, the truth is, they are actually not there. So if there are no bugs, what is going on? Essentially, when you have formication, your brain registers a sensation that something is crawling on your skin even though there really is not. It is your nervous system sending signals to your brain without the presence of bugs.


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  1. says: Debra Collins

    I don’t feel like bugs are crawling on me but I do get feelings that I am being bitten or stung by bugs at times.

  2. says: Fibro mom

    Try taking a hot or cold shower. It helps to shock the nervous system. You can also try holding ice cubes in your hand. Got this tip from my Psychologist

  3. says: Trina

    I felt like I had bugs crawling on me and getting bit by them. My dermatologist diagnosed me with Dermagraphia and told me to take Zyrtec when going to bed at night and told me to take Zyrtec when going to bed at night. He said excess histamines caused the sensations. It takes a few days, but the Zyrtec works.

  4. says: Lois

    I have RA now for 30 years. I have this feeling of something crawling on my neck and arms. Also short term memory is the pits! Hot head back of neck and soaking wet!!! I also have tinnitus!! But I don’t have Fibromyalgia!! I also have tingling in left upper arm shoulder and neck!

  5. says: Mary

    I often feel as though I’m being stung by a wasp in most parts of my body! I have a ruptured & degenerative disc in my neck, middle back & tailbone!

    1. says: Michelle McMillian

      I.agree. bugs never came to mind….its a different sensation?? It goes deep down n your arms hands and (my stomach). Almost like u need to rub instead of itch. But itching is what i end up doing. The more vigorous approach, itstead of rubbing ….

  6. says: Karen

    I have a feeling like prickly heat/ nettle rash on my legs, it’s horrible,plus joint pain, brain fog, balance problems, tiredness, sweats, overheating, headaches, basically I’m fed up with it ☹️

      1. says: Michelle McMillian

        Its a real challenge!!! Hang in there. Cant let it win be easy on yourself, go with the flow (day) as it comes. God bless you better days ahead

    1. says: Deborah

      Yes yes and yes. Everything you said. I call the bugs creepy crawly. I use a hemp rub that helps when it gets bad. I don’t even remember a time when I didn’t have this horrible condition and because ppl don’t see a condition they tend to think you are attention seeking.

  7. says: Susan

    I have most of the above problems and have had injuries to lumber 12345 disc’s , I have had to cope mainly by myself , I have Mafrin patches to help and other meds , believe nerves are an issue , have been run over as a child and been in 3 stationry accidents , plus abusive first marriage and assulted at the age of 9 , I believe in the power of healing and use reflexology to releive pain and other issues of this condition , this site has been very helpful explaining fibromyalgia as no one has tried too help me unterstand what is happening to me , I am grateful to have opportunity to do this quiz

  8. says: Jenny

    I have fibromyalgia forever, I believe. My body always was very sensitive and sinse I can remember I have had disturbed sleep, fog memory, attention deficiency and emotional instability among others symptoms of fibromyalgia, but just in the last 10 years them have aggravate. And right now, is one thing after other, new problem everyday. I am avoiding medicine the most I can. I am trying to find out what is causing this whole thing. Sometimes I think food, stress and emotional upsets are the trigger. I take anaproxen for pain, 5 HTP for anxiety and panic attack, turmeric, fish oil, noni, probiotic, glucosamine and multivitamins , all natural med, just to keep going. I clean houses and this has kept me going, since to be still to long make me worse. I am praying for some real solution to this strange illness.

  9. says: Jolynn

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and 2000 things have not gotten better the pain and suffering the stress that comes with it I’ve taken vitamins tried a lot of natural things I find the weather has a lot to do with it also called the pain so it’s cruciate in a go swimming sit in hot tub I’m 68 years old and I’m still putting in 40 hour weeks I don’t know how I do it I wished it was some kind of a cure and yes I’ve had spinal injuries

    1. says: Deedie

      I don’t know how you do it either. I had to go on disability at about 57.
      I also have spinal issues and Bursitis in both hips so that walking is extremely painful. My pain management doctor injects my back with 2 epidural every three months and my hips get injections of major anti-inflammatory medicine.

  10. says: Donna Brown

    My issue is it feels like somewhere in the world there’s a voodoo doll with my face and someone is having a Great time stabbing me with the sharpest needles ever! Other times I do find myself wiping “Bugs” off of my skin that’s Not really there. It is a Horrible feeling, along with the floaters in my eyes most times I feel like I’m Losing My Mind!!!

    1. says: Deedie

      It’s as good an explanation as any I’ve heard from “Modern Medicine!”
      I’ve just been reading about how many plants were used for centuries as medication and I’m thinking of trying to learn more about using plants to help my symptoms. We are all so desperate to find relief that we are easy pickens for sharlitans.
      Also, some people highly recommend holistic doctors but most insurance won’t accept them.
      Remember, none of us is alone. I feel so much better when I’m on this site with my fellow surferers!

  11. says: Lisa

    Ain’t Fibro fun?!? I’ve been on disability for about 4 years now. I’ve had that buggy sensation for awhile and this article just informed me what it is. Now, I feel I’ve only lost a fraction more of my mind instead of all of it and then some. To me, I will be sitting minding my own business when I feel like a sweat bee or a mosquito landed on me. Sometimes it feels like a wasp. I have to hurry and get it off me yet there’s nothing there. Oh, speaking of mind, I really feel like I’m losing it with this brain drain I’m going through. It feels like my master’s degree has drained out my ears. I was once a smart and capable inner city special education high school teacher. Now, I can barely get out of bed. The brain drain thing has been diagnosed as a complication from my severe ADD.

  12. says: Pamela

    I have been dealing with fibro and lupus since i was nineteen, the worse time I have is my body turns red like a bad sunburn. Can’t do nothing but hurt and cry! This could last as short as 8 hours or four or five days I’m 60 years old things never get better,

    1. says: Patricia

      Pamela, I also get the red skin as if I’ve gotten a sun burn and I can actually feel heat radiating off of the redness. Worst feeling ever!!

  13. says: Annie

    I get the itches . I feel like i have bugs all over me . I get the memory fog . I cant get about to well or for to long. My spine kills . It feels like burning hot needles are being stuck in my spine . I dont get a day when im not in pain . It feels like someone has smashed me with a hammer on my ankles,knees and hips abd broken my spine . The medication my dr is giving me does not work at all but they dont listen to me . I would love just one day when i am not in pain and i can do the housework

  14. says: Rhonda

    I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago with fibromyalgia but I am sure I have had it longer. Its just to the point I can’t deal with it anymore. I fill that tinglin on most of my body.. It just started about a month ago and it drives me crazy. I have never felt so much pain, it is unbearable at times all I do is cry.

  15. says: Annie

    I feel like bugs are crawling all over me and that there are things in my hair.
    I also have brain fog and memory loss
    I don’t get a day free from it . It makes me feel so negative. I have recently been diagnosed with a psychotic breakdown.

    1. I am going threw all this symtomps for so long. I have had to quit 4 jobs because of the pain all over my body. I come home crying. I am the bread feeder in my home. I’m afried to lose my home because I can’t hold a job. I also have the itching I scratch cause it itches so bad,hot sweats on my back and neck , brain fog and I can continue with my symptoms with all this i am all so very depressed because of the pain. Help

    2. says: Stacy

      You described it the way I feel. Bugs crawling thru my hair! My body itches everywhere, but not all at once thankfully geesh. Benadryl is an option, especially at night, as it at cause drowsiness.
      The hot flushes are horrible, I get them too. My Dr Said I’m post menopausal, so maybe it’s not hormonal, but from the cymbalta. I’m trying just about everything under the sun t alleviate pain and being in a zombie like state from lack of sleep.
      It’s a horrible disease.

  16. says: Angela

    feel like I’ve dripped some on my legs when rushing to the toilet and/or after urinating. nothing there, legs completely dry. have the bugs crawling, bugs biting sensations too. these are intermittent thank the goddess, the itch, on the other hand, is 24/7! need a t shirt for the bad days that says ” it’s Fibro, Not Fleas”

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