Can Viral Suppression Help Treat Fibromyalgia?

Related Studies of IMC-1 for Fibromyalgia

IMC-1 is a combination of anti-viral famciclovir and anti-inflammatory celecoxib. The basis of using the drug as treatment is its potential effectiveness in suppressing the herpes virus. Currently, the drug has already completed Phase 2 trials, a double-blinded and placebo-controlled study done by some experts in the medical field. In the study, 143 fibromyalgia participants were randomly given either IMC-1 or a placebo over a 16-week treatment period. Researchers observed and evaluated the participants during the 16 weeks. At the end of the study, participants who took IMC-1 showed less fibromyalgia pain and lower pain scores. This group also reported less fatigue. In general, participants tolerated the drug well.

This study showed a potential treatment option for pain and symptoms of fibromyalgia. It also suggests that suppressing dormant herpes virus can improve the chronic pain syndrome. This finding may lead to more clues to the root of fibromyalgia.  IMC is now coordinating with FDA in order to comply with requirements needed for Phase 3 trial which is targeting to commence end 2017.


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  1. says: Rocky

    Hi, FYI….
    I saw a study a couple of years ago that a Dr. (Pritchen?? Not sure of his correct name) had done with an antiviral and Celebrex on his FM patients.
    SO, I asked my primary doc to put me on them and see what happens. I’ve been diagnosed with FM a few years ago but…I have come to believe that I truly have CFS/ME and not classic FM.
    I am also a chronic spine related pain person (4 spine surgeries) but I also suffer from IBS and have ‘seasonal’ severe fatigue that hits me only during the spring/summer months.
    I have no idea why it’s is only during those months though?? But I become mostly bedridden from the severe fatigue and its is awful. So, I’m studying my stress levels during that time of year now.
    Also, I have had shingles 4x!
    The acyclovir that I take daily (2.5yrs now)has kept the shingles dormant and I can only take the Celebrex prn since it raises my B/P.
    I tend to need it most during those months of severe fatigue when body pain increases due to lack of mobility during those months of fatigue.
    I’m happy this is all in the FDA’s hands now but I wonder how this combo drug would effect my BP?
    Thank you for the info, Rocky

  2. says: Linda Vardaman

    Instead of Celebrex ask your doctor to prescribe Clinoril (Sulindac). We used this in our practice before Motrin and most other NSAIDS. It has the least interaction on your BP. My husband was hit by a car last yr. He took Motrin for pain and his BP was up and over 200..I asked to change him to Clinoril. His BP was down after 2 days to normal…Most physicians have fortgotten about this drug. It is an NSAID. We even went to the orthopedic, a young guy and he never heard of it….lol. But its a good one. Try it But do monitor you BP while on it. Unfortunately NSAIDS have a contraindication with blood pressure issues.

    1. says: Samela Hernandez

      Motrin kill your liver, i use por many years i cant take anymore, i have problem w my libre and kidneys now

  3. says: Carolyn Chura

    I’ve been suffering with Fibro for years. Looking forward to a new treatment. It would be great to find a test to ensure that I do in fact have Fibro. I tried Lyrica but I gained 30lbs while taking it.

  4. says: Samela Hernandez

    I’ve benn suffering whit Fibro for years. I taken gabapentin 800mg 4 times a Day, and baclofen 20mg, por diabetes metformin 1000mg 2 times a Day, glipizide one dayli, for blood presión cartiac 20 mg, plus for my depresión zanax 2 mg 3 times a Day, citalopran 20mg 1 a day, celexa 20 mg 1 a Day, amitrptylin 25 mg at Night, por my asma ceterizine 10mg one at Night, plus singulair, plus tramadol, plus atorvastatin 40mg as, fenofibrate 145mg one qd, gemfibrozil 600mg 2 at Day, plus Many y more medications, ventolin, advair, albuterol, prednisone por my asma, i am tired,…I want to die, i dont resist any more, i saw many time diferent, doctors, they dont hel my, i dont know ? i cant resist my life Anymore , becouse i cant resist my pain, i craim, every Day i cant sleep my pain its horrible,..i have 59 years, they dont give the desability i cant work i cant Drive, i want to die.

    1. says: Julli Thomas

      Samela Hernandez,
      I want you to know you are not alone. Please do not give up. I felt like you 11 years ago. Then I went to a nutritionist that helped me with my bad eating habits. I still have Fibromyalgia but I no longer want to die. In fact foods were killing me. Then I was able to get stronger and start working. Know that there is help and people who care about you. God Bless you dear Samela❣️
      I am praying for you Julli

  5. PLEASE don’t give up .you are on to many med find a doctor that will take you off some you’ll think more clearly. Pray say Jesus help me Jesus give me strength and favor..he’ll help guide you to right doctors

  6. says: Joyce Utt

    I go to a neurologist who tested me for vitamin deficiency. I take B 12 1000 mcg, b 6 100 mg, and prescription strength folic acid. 1 mg twice daily. She told me the b 12 would help my tummy. She was right. I don’t have to use prescription polyethylene glycol for constipation.

  7. says: Cheryl

    Has anyone been given prednisone for fibromyalgia? That is the only thing that stops the pain for me. The side effects have been a lot of weight gain & I worry about the other problems it may cause long term. Right now I’m not taking the prednisone so I feel like a prisoner in my own body. Amy suggestions?

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