Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Tip – Barley Grass Juice

fibromyalgia pain relief tip - barley grass juice

A study suggests that barley grass juice can help in fibromyalgia pain relief. The barley grass juice is packed with antioxidants and contains essential nutrients necessary for your health. It also helps to restore the healthy balance of acid and alkaline in your body.

How Does Barley Grass Juice Help Fibromyalgia Pain Relief?

According to some studies, the juice from barley grass can help to ease some symptoms of fibromyalgia. A study was done on participants who have gone through a raw and pure vegetarian diet for 2 months.  These participants have reported huge improvement in their shoulder pain and other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. Their diet consisted mainly of nuts, seeds, carrot juice and a dehydrated glass of barley juice. They also ate certain salads and fruits, as well as other grain products.


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  1. says: Amanda Rivera

    This is gluten. How can we remain gluten free AND drink this stuff? Answer? We can’t. I have celiac. I can’t have any form of barley. Please, bare this in mind when recommending things like this, especially since you are always recommending fibromyalgia patients stay clear of gluten.

    1. says: Healthiculture

      Hi Amanda,
      We know it can be confusing. Yes, barley grain contains gluten but barley grass/leaf is gluten-free. Barley grass juice which is made purely out of barley grass is safe for celiac and fibromyalgia. It is the same for wheat grain and wheat grass. The grain contains gluten but the grass is gluten-free. However, certain products may not be made with 100% grass, some do mix in grains. We would definitely caution fibromyalgia patients to buy selective products that are only made with 100% grass.

      We have made some amendments to our article. Thank you for your feedback.

    1. says: Healthiculture

      You can definitely find barley grass powder on Amazon or in Walmart and other supermarkets. Simply add water to the powder and you can drink it as juice. If you have gluten sensitivity, make sure that you buy a product that states gluten-free.

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