Fibromyalgia Eye Problems

The Best Way To Treat Fibromyalgia Eye Problems

The best way to treat fibromyalgia eye problems is to manage the disease overall. This includes some familiar treatment such as taking antidepressants, pain relievers, psychotherapy, anti-seizures, addressing stress and sleep problems, changing your diet, exercising and many more.

Dry eyes can easily be relieved with eye lubricants or eye drops. You can use the lubricants through the day to help reverse the effects of dry eyes. It will help you to see more comfortably. If you’re constantly experiencing photo-sensitivity, wear a pair of sunglasses with good UV protection. It can help reduce pain in the eyes due to exposure to light.

For those who experience blurred and double vision, it is best to see an eye doctor to remedy these vision problems.

Will fibromyalgia lead to blindness? (..find out on the next page)

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  1. says: Helen owen

    I could do with help regarding night sweats at night and day. I suffer a lot of problems peeing to fibromyalgia eyes included any help with this and all my pain would be so helpful to manage my condition.

    1. says: Sharon Swoboda

      Your remark on your urinary condition may be from interstitial cystitis. It’s not uncommon in those with Fibromyalgia. I’ve had Fibromyalgia for many years. Two years ago I was diagnosed with IC. I see a urogynocologist for this chronic condition. Best of luck to you.

    2. says: FurMomBBB

      I heard Dr Oz recommend Flaxseed Oil to combat night sweats. I bought the capsules & they have helped. It took a few days to notice a change but now my night sweats are less & sometimes not at all. Try Flaxseed Oil; it can’t hurt!!

  2. says: Denise temple

    Since having fibromyalgia because I was so ill and run down,I started with eye problems really bad that I ended up in a+e.refrered to an eye specialist and diagnosed with a condition called miobium cyst dysfunction,so on drops and ointment for life now,airfreshners,smoke and candles at night make it worse.

    1. says: Heather

      I had exactly same as you, actually loosing my sight for about a month, was at specialist a few times they had no answers to why or what it was gave me Liquid Film Tears and I was left to deal with it… Was also being tested for STD’s??? which I found an insult but was told STD’s can affect sight… I wouldn’t know… In the end was told it was a viral infection… About same time or just before I was put on thyroxine being hypo I know there a link to that…. That was over 10 yrs ago my sight has got gradually worse I now also use gel and had my glasses changed about 4 times in last 10 yrs… Despite being hypo and on meds (which don’t help one bit!!) as my symptoms worsened in last few yrs I was told I probably also had fibro then left to deal with it…. On top of that being pre-menepausal life can’t get any worse surely

  3. Thanks for your email. I didnt know that eye problems was linked to fibromalagia and i do have eye problems as stated in this link. Its a shame the doctors or optometrists dont give you this information.

    1. says: Wanda

      I really believe that most of the doctors have no clue what fibro can
      Do to a person, especially woman . They all need to realize we r not a
      Bunch of people trying to get sympathy or drugs!! We just want to be
      “Normal” or back to ourselves!

      1. says: Lisa

        Hello Wanda..
        I so hear You… my lists of illness..and symptoms are getting long over past few years.. I found staying away from gluten helped huge..
        but most Important, one day out of nowhere, must have been One if my Angels.. but I punched into Google..”
        Respiratory problems.. and childhood sexual abuse. “

        As I am a adult survivor, only being honest about this now since finding from google
        MUS… Multiple Unexplained Symptoms….

        Explains so much and more.. including my fibromyalgia I have…

        This may be of interest to Others to know..

        As I had to show this to my GP..
        who honestly, I sincerely sense sees me from a different perspective now… compassionate..willing to give me something to help me now with my suffering I have lived

        I would never have thought thou, that the abuse from 45 ish years ago would carry such an impact

        Hopefully this helps even One person…

        Bless You All

        1. says: Lori

          Hi Lisa, are you saying that abuse/molestation can cause fibromyalgia? You weren’t very clear on what you were saying. The reason I asked is because I was molested when I was a child and I also have fibromyalgia.

      2. says: Sandra Clifton

        Wanda Do you find that physiotherapy is painful and brings fibro flares so you have to leave off exercise to cope with what you have to do?

  4. says: Aislon

    What is a remedy for dry eyes that drops the line the eye do not work? I have extra mucus production as result of my eyes staying dry..after awhile it then turns to an eye infection and I cure that and I’m right back with mucus being over produce..the eye Dr said it’s just severe allergies but I do not believe it is allergies. I am always getting clear to green crap out the drops clear a bit of mucus then 5 minutes it’s right as though I didn’t use the drop….
    .pls someone help know what I need to do to cure this!

    1. says: Janice Kelty

      With my dry eyes the eye dr put plugs in my lower tear ducts. Yes i still cry. You have 2 sets of ducts. It is easy & painless. Ask your eye care dr about. It has helped so much. We also discovered i have eye allergies. He ordered rx drops for this. Now i am much better.

    2. says: Deidra

      Lori, trauma is often the cause of Fibromyalgia, so it stands to reason that being molested as a child can be the cause of her Fibromyalgia.

  5. says: Amanda

    I already have blurred vision sometimes it seems like I’m seeing 3. I also have headaches on my right-side of my head every day and my eyes do seem dry sometimes and I do have light sensitivity.

  6. says: Ann

    I have recently been referred to ENT for recurring Sinusitis. When I saw the consultant he immediately told me that I hadn’t got sinusitis. I was taken aback by this as he hadn’t done exam but he the told me that as soon as I he saw me walk in the room using my stick and he had read my notes that it was my Fibro that was the problem as it dries the mucous membranes and concentrates them so that it feels like sinus problems. He told me to use the salt solution spray steam inhalations and not to take antibiotics. This has helped slightly except forgetting to do this because of the Fibro. Also I have trigeminal neuralgia down the right side of my face which I have read can also be a symptom of Fibro.

    1. says: Deb

      When I read your excerpt I was shocked! As much research that I have done I never knew trigeminal neuralgia could be also caused by fibro. I have had TN since childhood and I really believe fibro from my issues as a child severe pain neck issues muscle issues. I have TN on both sides of my face. Two brain surg. later it’s back. And my fibro is flaring worse. Now I’ll dig a little deeper to see the connection. Thank you again for mentioning it!

  7. says: Ann

    Further to my previous comment I am also having problems with my eyes. Have just been to opticians for 2nd time this year and have got an eye compress which you warm in microwave put on your eyes for about 15 mins then you squeeze your eyelids and this is supposed to release any thick mucous which is blocking tear ducts. I haven’t used it yet so can’t say that it works but will try anything at this stage.

  8. says: Rox

    See Amy Myers MD–the autoimmune Connection book. I believe she is right about changing our diet. I tested it–went gluten, grain free and sugar free for 4 months and felt like a new woman! I strayed from her diet and I am back to having pain and problems.

    1. says: DEBORAH

      I did the same thing – felt like a new woman! Lost 15 lbs, and had tons of energy. Then I had a piece of cake ☹️ Then it was something else & it went on & on until I’m right back where I started with fibro. Horrible pain, and all the rest of the problems that go with it. It takes discipline to go gluten free. Especially when my husband can eat anything! So it’s cooking one way for me and another for him. Although I did sneak in some gluten free dishes he seemed to tolerate. Lol!! Have you gone back on the gluten free diet? How is it going for you? Maybe we could encourage each other. Thank you for sharing your story. DEBORAH

  9. says: Samela

    Tengi dolor agudo en el fondo del ojo izquierdo..dice el oculista es porque los músculos oculares tambien se inflaman y duelen como todo el cuerpo…subevka presión del ojo y se coje cataratas…no se que más voy a tener?? Es todooooo

  10. says: Julie

    I have dry eye due to fibro. My experience sent me to eye doctor and tried many over the counter drops and xiidra drops by prescript. None of these drops worked. I then had drainage plugs placed and started on Refresh with Omega 3. These are new and work beautifully for me. the plugs keep from draining off the drops. The Omega 3 in the drops helps to rebuild the lipid layer. you can get these at Target.

  11. says: Ammarah

    I have Fibromyalgia and also Glaucoma. Over the past several months, I have been experiencing what I consider ‘severely’ dry eyes. I used an ointment at night and artificial tears up to 6x a day with little relief. More recently, the dryness has extended to my nasal and mouth. I went to the eye doctor several times and he advised to use warm compresses and eyelid scrub. That provided some relief but not enough to complete my shift at work. I work on computers all day and had to take a few weeks off because I could not work more than 2 hours without it starting to hurt. I feel like they think I am exaggerating or making things up. I finally decided to research on my own…too many doctors have no clue. I recently went to a different eye doctor and was prescribed Xiidra…so far it is more relief but not enough to complete a full shift. I am told it can take 4-6 weeks, so we shall see.

  12. says: Valeriegardner

    Well I have had fibro for 5 yrs now mine was started with a major chest infection and a spore that I breathed in that was on my lung ,I would to anyone do not take steroids as I have had them the past 5 yrs as high as 50mg at my worst times I’m on a wean atm and went into hospital for 2 weeks to help with the come down as steroids shut the adrenal gland down ,so if mine does not wake up which it looks like it will not I will be on a different steroid for the rest of my days .the come down is vile and outdoor not wish it on anyone at all so stay away from them .there are lots of way to manage fibro and it takes time to work out what works for you but you will find it I promise

  13. says: Indra

    I have fibro and Ra. I have have been putting ghee or clarified butter in my navel a few drops and around it just before going to sleep. It is a really good suggestion and it greatly decreases eye dryness. There are many nerve endings judt behind the naval and this oil reaches the occular nerves and veins and enormously helps with eye dryness. It is an Ayurvedic tip.

  14. says: Carol

    I have polymialgia, very similar symptoms to fibro. I find two high strength turmeric with curcumin capsules a day help with all the symptoms.

  15. says: Sister Marika Rebicsek

    I use ditropan to manage the interstitial cystitis that I suffer from, as well as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. There is a very good website on interstitial cystitis that lists foods that irritates the bladder, worth looking. I now use the loo at night, average twice as opposed to 5-6 times and that led to very poor quality sleep. Good luck.

  16. says: demonica

    When i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia i did not realize that when my consultant had said it will effect all of your muscles that he also meant that it would effect my feet and eyes as well. After going for another eye test a few weeks ago the optician had said that he couldn’t prescribe any more glasses for me as non would correct my vision and i would have to be referred to a specialist for more investigations. I think what ever could go wrong with me has. The optician had asked if i had any health conditions and i had said that i had fibromyalgia. He said this could be the cause of my eye sight problem. I dread the thought of loosing my sight as i am already in a wheelchair which would mean that i couldnt self drive it if i did go blind.
    i already find it hard to draw or paint and enjoy the hobbies that i have, if i went blind what the hell would i do. This would be a huge change to my life style.

  17. says: Marcia Kiro

    Go from a wheelchair back to normal life. Your diet should consist of vegetables fruits water no redmeat no caffeine. Try to avoid gluten products and sugarfilled products . Occasionally treat yourself with pleasure Food . Fibromyalgia can take your life over if you allow it. Stretching and exercise is very important… start out small and build up to normal exercise. Physical therapy stretching swimming hot tub massage therapy chiropractic treatments very vital. Be around people who do not bring stress. Yoga is very good for fibromyalgia and relieve stress. Before fibromyalgia was even known by doctors I contacted it and slowly went from walking to a walker a cane and a wheelchair. After much research I was fortunate to have a Doctor Who listened and read my findings began treatment . I take flaxseed a mega three and all the essential vitamins to keep my body and best shape possible and now living a normal life . Avoid people who bring stress or don’t understand just behind the scenes keep working at Improvement . Avoid strong odors such as smoke gasoline propane and so forth . Those that don’t understand, completely avoid, develop your own life into being the person you want to be . Find a friend or partner that understands and help you every step of the way back to being you. Follow these steps back to being happy and pain free. Remember sugar equals inflammation . Even though I’m living a normal life once again , I constantly battle with the effects of fibromyalgia . As a grown woman I had to take drastic steps …I had two children going to school and had to turn them do their father while my parents help me get back to being me. As a grown woman I had to take drastic steps I had two children going to school and had to turn them do their father. I moved in with my parents. They were my strong support team By my side they were with me each step of the way . Extreme pain was so bad I could not be touched with anything on my body or my feet… I could not walk on even carpet . I’m living proof, that fibromyalgia can be conquered. Tramatol and cyglobenzeprene are the meds I take for pain and muscle tightness. I use a body scrub brush in tub when bathing, upward to my heart and downward toward my heart, to aid in fighting inflammation. So take control of your own life and begin to day one step at a time . Read up on supplements, natural herbs. Thousands of dollars have gone into my body. That was my choice…a choice to live normally. Belongings became a thing of the past, as I wanted to live for my children and grandchildren. Yes, there were reoccurrences, but putting my own knowledge to work is how I managed the knife stepping and sledge hammer pain. I refused to give into the reveled and prayed he be removed from my life. God was also a big part of my recovery. May God bless you all. My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone if you who suffer with this disabling disease.


  18. says: Pearly

    Evening Prim Rose Oil has helped me. I have dry eyes and fibromyalgia. I get iritis which is inflamed eye or eyes. Bad stuff that can take your sight away. I almost lost my left eye twice and had to be injected with cortisone three separate times in my eye. But that Prim Rose Oil alleviated my dry eyes. Just got to keep taking one a night and I am good. I am out right now. Need more! I am just getting over a bout with iritis right now. I am 62 and have had fibromyalgia my entire life. I have had every test there is to be had and been in the hospital unable to move for an entire month once. I think I helped write the books on the fibro subject.

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