The Use of Computers Can Contribute to Fibromyalgia Pain

fibromyalgia and computers

Some known risk factors of fibromyalgia are not having enough sleep and poor diet. But another risk factor that many are unaware of is the use of computers and other smart electronic devices. Many fibromyalgia patients have been unknowingly taking the risks of worsening their symptoms all along.


How Computer and Other Smart Electronic Device Affect your Body


Our bodies tend to have a strong negative response to the energy field of computer and other smart electronic devises. This may sound a little bit crazy, but it is understood that if we have an energy field, the energy field or smart device is much stronger, thereby interfering with our own. This interference can contribute to the pain in fibromyalgia.

It has been estimated that more than 3 out of 5 family members own a computer or smart device in their home. Almost the same number of people use computers each day in order to get their job done, including other job-related tasks.

Computer and Smart Devices Are Also A Risk Factor for Other Diseases

You may feel at ease at the thought that you’re definitely not alone in your predicament. Sitting in front of a monitor is actually a risk, not only for fibromyalgia alone but other diseases as well. For instance, people with arthritis are also reported to suffer worsen symptoms due to the use of computers or smart devices. In fact, those with arthritis are more prone to computer related injuries as compared to fibromyalgia.


Related Studies on How Computer and Smart Devices affect Fibromyalgia

Studies on the effects of computer usage were done on both fibromyalgia and arthritis patients. One particular study focus on identifying the presence of increased level of discomfort and pain due to computer usage. Studies found that the pain resulting from computer usage has something to do with prolonged sitting, prolonged typing with a keyboard, prolonged staring at a monitor, and many more.

The results of such studies have been clear.  A significant number of people suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia reported that working in front of the computer has affected their ability to work. These people has also reported feeling discomfort and pain while working.

Reducing the time spent on using your computer and other electronic devices as much as possible can help lessen the pain, discomfort and stress of fibromyalgia.

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  1. says: j r jones

    Fibro along with lupus and MS can be cured with high dose vitamin D3 (careful to avoid damage vitamin K2 must also be taken). Jeff T. Bowles documents this in his book on vitamin D3. Also there is a neurologist in south America that is cureing MS a mass with his high dose vitamin D3 protocol. Vitamin D3 + K2 took care of my fibromyalgia anynway.

    1. says: xxi77

      This is a misleading statement. Having fibromyalgia and RA, and having had high dose vitamin D therapy as well as daily vitamin D for life, I have seen little to no change. This sort of statement can lead to false hope. A more accurate description would be your own success, however this doesn’t apply to everyone. Hopefully some will look into vitamin D deficiency and it helps, but fibro has so many different levels of severity and presentation, your statement can’t possibly be a proven fact. Congrats on beating this horrendous disease though!! X

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