Fibromyalgia Exercise Myths


Exercisng with Fibromyalgia

Exercise type, level and time matters

This myth is a result of the various studies that show exercising can help to minimize the level of pain and keep the patient feel energized. Some doctors have used these studies as the basis for recommending exercise to every fibromyalgia patient. However, what they do not understand is that the type and level of exercise that the patient needs is different from healthy individuals.

Over exhaustion may trigger fibromyalgia flare

When a fibromyalgia patient exercises, she may be pushing herself to a point of exhaustion that can make her situation even worse. This may even trigger a major flare that will leave the patient lying on the couch for several days. Furthermore, every patient has a different level of fitness. As such, the level of exertion that each patient can handle will vary greatly. In general, when introducing exercise into their pain management, fibromyalgia patients are advised to engage in moderate low impact exercises for only a few minutes each day.


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