Fibromyalgia Hip Pain: Cause and Treatment


Hip pain can happen to anyone, whether you have fibromyalgia or not. However for patients with fibromyalgia, the pain is most likely related to their condition. Research shows that hip pain affects women more than men. Some researchers suggest that this may be due to hormonal changes and weight gain, which is more common among women.

When fibromyalgia hip pain attacks, the tender points in both the left and right buttock, including both sides of the hips can be very painful to touch. Sometimes, the pain will prevent you from sleeping and can make walking extremely difficult. Fibromyalgia hip pain is often confused with pain in the lower back.

Many fibromyalgia patients are dealing with lower back pain and most of them have found relief from physiotherapy. According to one study, those who are suffering from long-term pain in the back can get a bit of relief after extensive treatment. Thus, it is very important that low back pain is diagnosed at an early stage.

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