EMDR Treatment For Fibromyalgia


How Does EMDR Work?

Traumatic experiences during the early childhood would often go unprocessed emotionally and mentally. This is due to the fact that the mind will not be able to comprehend these traumatic experiences. Thus, they end up getting buried. However, later in life, these unresolved experiences will manifest in the form of mental disorders. These will also lead to physical illnesses, including fibromyalgia.

EMDR treatments are being used in evaluating the memories of traumatic events as well as to help facilitate their processing. Those who have undergone the treatment can attest that EMDR is efficient as a treatment to their problems. With only a few treatments, a series of traumas can be addressed.

EMDR will not erase all the memories of the event. What it does is to prevent the event from defining the person. Instead, the memory will become an experience in life instead of a debilitating part of one’s whole being.


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