Fibromyalgia and The Struggle with Anxiety

How To Cope with Fibromyalgia and Anxiety?

Medication is an important aspect in dealing with fibromyalgia and anxiety. Coincidentally, antidepressants is often a common treatment for both fibromyalgia and anxiety. Thus, using antidepressant that can also cure anxiety can play an important role in helping you to stay calm. It helps you feel that everything will be under control despite of the uncomfortable symptoms.

Your doctor may prescribe you with a few different medications to help ensure that you get the help that you need. The trials will surely be worth the results.


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    1. says: linda

      yes, it is called the fibro itch. It is caused from the over active nerves. You can not scratch the itch cause it is deep within the body. Usually when I have the fibro itch I get in a flare.

  1. says: Cynthia Fletcher-King

    I suffer with fibromyalgia and have depression, anxiety, iritiable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, pain in most places, myofacial pain, peripheral myopathy, fibromass. So many people have no idea what we go through as fibro sufferers. It took a long time for me to be diagnosed. This damp wet weather has really been bad. I was wondering if fibro sufferers are diabetic like me. Type 2. It would be interesting to know this.

      1. says: Liz Kelly

        i suffer from fibro aswell as all that comes with it except diabetes i dont have that or high blood pressure think there the only things i dont have

    1. says: Mary

      I’m also Fibromyalgia and diabetic type 2
      I have wondered for years if the two went hand in hand, pray we find a cure. Pray more people understand Fibromyalgia especially in the medical community, pray we can just stop the pain
      Mary Schuck

    2. says: linda

      Cynthia, you sound like me. Yes I have Type 2 as well. Depression , mostly SAD..anxiety and panic attacks, They have eased up. IBS, Hashimoto, LPR, Reflux, Psoriatic arthritis, Leaky gut. Now my sinuses are flaring up. This has been since May. I went to an allergist, Have allergies. We had some mold in the basement. Much better since we remediated the mold but with the colder weather I thought I would feel better but I don’t. I was good for about 3 wks. Now it coming back in the form of pressure in my nose, slight headaches, eyes itch and are sore. The fibro pain is now back in my chest, shoulder, ribs and I think some of this facial pain is from the fibro. No , no one knows what it feels like to battle something every single day. I have not felt 100% normal for 10 yrs or more. Doctors are no help at all. I gave my doctor a month of BS’s all in the 119 to 150 range fasting and said what do you suggest for this. He said I was not diabetic. What???? my father , grandfather and brother all have type 2 but he says I don’t. Idiot. I go to the doctor and get labs and have to fight for what I need. I told him I thought my Vit D level was low but did not want to take supplements until I had a number. When he finally agreed it was 12. Normal range 30 -100. Hashimoto you have a propensity to have low Vit D. He was not even concerned and asked if I wanted to go on Vit D Supplement. WTH????

    3. says: Joyce E Utt

      Cynthia: I have many of the same symptoms as. Have you noticed some articles state people with fibromyalgia have low blood sugar levels not diabetes. The woman who told me I have fibromyalgia, is a diabetic. She also has fibromyalgia. It is very frustrating when medical people refuse to acknowledge fibromyalgia. I was told this year that my nerve pain in my left leg is neuropathy. My sugar is mostly well controlled. I’m able to feel minor dirt between my foot and my A F O. You would call it a brace. The braces help me to walk without pain, and ankel swelling. Do you have arthritis? I read this can be fibromyalgia related as well. But I think it’s mostly from to much protein in my diet. Meat I’ve learned is acidic. Our bodies are alkaline.

  2. says: Samela Hernandez

    I dont resist any more i want to live w God, this is ist horribl my depress.. more more again, pain more every day

    1. says: Tanya Zucker

      Yes it is horrible I agree but advocate for yourself with the Dr and find things that help you. I’ve wanted to give up so many time people just don’t understand the pain. I have changed lots of things and it does help. I have this disease but it doesn’t have me is my new motto

  3. says: Debra Fore

    Ive been dealing with this chronic Fibro pain and Costochondritis along with several other things, for over 6 years now.

    One of my doctors made a statement to me in such a careful and caring manner and it just resonated into my brain & my soul.
    I’ve had people and other doctors and even blogs, make ugly comments and say, “suck it up.” “Deal with the pain.” My sister always says, “I hurt & I still do the things I need to do.” Most people do not show sincere compassion. Most people do not believe Fibromyalgia is real.

    But this doctor asked me, “to try to Move through the “FEAR”, of the pain.”
    I just knew I was in pain. I did not realize that I had Fear of the pain until he said that.
    It has changed my whole outlook and approach I’m dealing with this horrible pain.
    The pain is still there, but I am slowly moving through it because once I realized that my fear of the pain had caused me to stay rolled up in a ball afraid to move and just getting worse. I couldn’t do that any more. It’s one little movement at a time and then another and another.

    I hope this may help someone
    The same way it helped me.
    Every little bit makes a difference.
    I believe in Jesus and continue to call upon him.
    Don’t ever give up keep Hope and Faith.

    1. says: Healthiculture

      Thank you for your enlightening comment. We hope that your story will comfort and inspire to all fibro warriors.

    2. says: Michelle

      Thank you for sharing your experience, this story sounds almost exactly like mine! It was really encouraging for me to hear this today as I’m struggling with pain and it’s making my anxiety get worse. I just got off the phone with my doctor and he explains the same thing that my anxiety is making all my other pain symptoms flare up two! That I read this post, crazy huh.. I already feel more calm. Thank you, God bless. I wish you pain relief!

    3. says: Rachel

      Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m going to go write it down so i can be reminded of that truth. I’ve been doing less and less myself, in fear of the painful repercussions. I have to realize that I’ll be in pain no matter what so i need to keep moving. Sounds like you have a great doctor. Wish I could find a good one like that.

  4. says: Sally Hanson

    I have suffered with fibromyalgia for almost 15 years. Prior to my diagnosis I felt like a human guinea pig from having needles testing my nerve endings to psych evaluations I truly felt maybe I was crazy. The drugs for pain only dropped it minimally and the Lyrica only resulted in weight gain. The only relief I find is floating in the pool. Sleep is almost nil due to either pain or an overactive mind and the combination brings on migraines.

    What I have learned over the years is that I had to make some choices. I could lay down and quit, destroy my liver with drugs or fight back. I live with the pain, I meditate and I use water therapy. Fortunately for me I am now retired and at least have my Social Security for income as I can no longer wear shoes, my hands go into spasms and I would it be able to work.

    A positive attitude is vital as is a strong support system around you. Hopefully one day they will find the cause and people will acknowledge that and have some compassion. Until then we endure pain every minute of every day and some days it is debilitating and I pray everyday for all of us suffering.

  5. says: Sandra

    I’ve totally just about had enough always stressed and other people using my illness to take advantage always steeling from me because they think I won’t notice money and my things going missing I’ve had it

  6. says: Pat

    I was diagnosed two years ago I also have spondylitis since I was 34 I’m now 69. I’ve always told myself to live with it I take Tramadol and paracetamol for spondylitis and now on amitriptalene for fibromyalgia I’ve noticed since taking amitriptalene I only have slightly knock my arms and I have bruising could this be a reaction to it does anyone know. I’ve also had a couple of falls recently first one I split my head open which required gluing a few weeks later in the garden with my dog playing I bent to pick up one of his toys and fell against plastic storage bin banging my face again and my knee the whole of my leg was one big bruise and it’s numb around the knee still. This has now made me very wary and it’s starting to depress me I’m getting really fed up with it I’ve an appointment with my GP tomorrow as I’ve also been suffering headaches from area of laceration and also this knee being numb. Before all this happened I was going to the gym three times a week with swimming and aqua aerobics.

  7. says: Robin

    I have lived with fibromyalgia for more years than I can count! I’m sure I’ve had it since my late twenties but didn’t get a “true” diagnosis until about 10-15 years ago!! I also have bulging disc in my back, curvature of the spine in my neck, osteoarthritis in my spine, arthritis in my hands! I do believe I have psoriatic arthritis as well. There are times just the lightest touch of my skin over the joints of my fingers feels like they are burning! I have PMR in my hips and they are in constant pain! I have pain in my facial bones especially when I chew on thick foods!! I am “only” 58 years old! I try my hardest not to be a sour puss and I try to do things but as soon as I push myself to do just the simplest of the things around the house like sweeping or using my floor steamer I pay heavy for it!! I am almost at my last straw!!!! I feel lost!! I feel like giving up!!! I can’t even enjoy a simple day out with my friends or my sisters any more!!!!

  8. says: Ellie

    Reading all these comments makes me feel like I’m not alone, that’s the hardest thing no one really understands. You don’t look ill seems to be the most common reaction. Well, you can’t see pain can you. am having a flare up and am so stressed joints have swollen feel like I’m going to fall over all the time can’t sleep and constantly tired just feel like crying. Have tried the usual meds got bad side effects only the amitriptyline works but been on it so long that I think it’s less effective. Going to see a rheumatologist, should have been referred years ago. Hope to get some answers.

  9. says: Sally

    I’ve lived with fibro for yes I used to be very active I had to give up my job and my husband gave up work to become my full time carer the pain is so bad I have diabetes and fibro fog and arthritis all to do with the fibro I’m in a wheel chair outside cos I fall but some days can be good I love enjoying myself sally

  10. says: Ellen Tozzi

    I am also a fibromyalgia suffer. The plain as you all know is unbelievable and unbearable. After years and years of suffering to the point of just not caring anymore I once again went on a doctor search. This time i googled fibromyalgia doctor. Was I shocked when someone came up.

    Here’s my story…I will apologize for my comment before I make it I say this because generally people don’t want to hear it, we want to deny that this could be the truth, but, here it is.

    It is a known statistic that a good percentage of the population has Epstein Barr virus. Fibromyalgia can and is EBV, that being said, EBV is herpes.

    If you’ve ever had a cold sore, mono, chicken pox, they are all EBV. Once “healed” they lay dormant in your body until a stressful time in your life ie. Anxiety, car accident, divorce, slip and fall, death in family, etc. As these life events take places the EBV starts to come alive, once fully “active” fibromyalgia is born.

    This is a lay person explanation, my doc explained basically that way, read Medical Medium by Anthony William and get a better picture of it.

    The bottom line is herpes treatments can makje you feel better. I am on 1000mgs of valsyclovier 3x daily, have been for 4 months now, I’m not cured, there is no cure, but, I have my like back.

    I can live with what little pain i have, i also have RA, a brain tumor, have had 5 knee operations, replaced hip, stent in heart, most due to fibromyalgia, not all.

    And, not anymore. This doctor saved my life. I strongly believe in this diagnosis.

    I beg of all of you for your own sake, go to your PCP, or your GYN, get a herpes test and find out. Take this with you and ask questions.

    What do you have to lose? I’ll tell you…your fibromyalgia symptoms.

    1. says: Jewelz

      So has the pain gone now that you are taking this medicine?
      What have been the side effects to this Herpes medicine, are you off all drugs and herbs/vitamins etc except for this one drug?
      Thank you for posting and for giving hope❤️

  11. says: Trish Holland

    I was diagnosed with fibro 5yrs ago but Dr thinks I’ve probably had it more like 15yrs, I also have COPD, Osteoporosis, Asthma, RLS, neuralgia, vertigo and a few other things, my sons keep me going I’m a widow but their humour is amazing and we laugh everyday, not belittling fibro its horrendous and during a flare a few weeks ago I did state ‘I can’t do this anymore’ BUT my kids have already lost one parent and I can’t allow them to lose me too xxxxx

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