The Link Between Fibromyalgia and Hepatitis C

Similar Symptoms in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Hepatitis C

Both fibromyalgia and chronic hepatitis C share similar clinical features, which include muscle pain and fatigue. Although the two conditions do not often accompany each other, certain symptoms are unique if a person suffers in both fibromyalgia and hepatitis C. One study found that those diagnosed with both conditions exhibit certain symptoms. The particular symptoms are inflammation in the joint, vasculitis, and bursa. These symptoms are not present in people who have hepatitis C but do not have fibromyalgia.

Increase in Immune Proteins in Both Fibromyalgia and Hepatitis C

Interleukins are a type of cytokine that triggers pain in a person. Cytokines are those types of proteins that regulate the body’s immune response. Several interleukins are said to be elevated significantly in fibromyalgia patients. Coincidentally, A group of researchers in Harvard found that these same interleukins increased after exposure to the virus of Hepatitis C.


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  1. says: Patti Campbell

    I have fibromyalgia and have been screened for HepC, this screening came back negative. So, I would say, yes, fibromyalgia is triggered by the immune system, but not a specific disease. It may well be a number of diseases can trigger fibromyalgia.

    I think this is misleading in its content. It may be that people with a variety of chronic diseases have a higher percentage of fibromyalgia.

    just my opinion

  2. says: Sharon W

    I agree, reading this has put me into a state of fear now thinking I must go and get checked for Hep C now as my Husband used drugs before I met him, I’m beginning to panick reading this article…

  3. says: Kim Reed

    I feel the same way as Sharon W now that I’ve read this article it’s made me feel panicky too. So I’m going to be checked for Hepatitis C to love to know more about this myself.

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