Craniosacral Therapy for Fibromyalgia


Craniosacral therapy is said to help stimulate one’s endocannabinoid system to produce an endorphin rush that is similar to the runner’s high. This explains the pain relieving effect of the therapy. However, there is a lack of data to support these claims and further research is required. Nevertheless, there are some studies that show promising results when it comes to using CST in treating fibromyalgia.

Craniosacral Therapy For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

A study done in Spain showed that CST can help to improve fibromyalgia pain. The relief is experienced immediately and lasted up to 8 weeks. The result of the intensive therapy has not been detected to be distinct from the control group after about a year. The study suggests that, when used on a regular basis, craniosacral therapy can have an important implication when it comes to fibromyalgia treatment.


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  1. says: Francine

    Yes! Craniosacral therapy does help Fibromyalgia! I had a 10 minute demonstration done and it made me feel better, can’t wait to do a full session! I have to save the money to pay for it because it is not cheap but it’s definitely effective.

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