Forest Bathing For Fibromyalgia

forest bathing for fibromyalgia

Forest bathing for fibromyalgia is a Japanese technique to help relieve the stress and depression of struggling with the painful symptoms.

What is Forest Bathing?

Forest bathing is a Japanese practice known as Shinrin-yoku. This practice, found in the 80s, forms the foundation of preventive healthcare and healing in Japanese medicine. Despite its name, this practice does not actually require getting into a hot tub. It is about immersing yourself in nature, surrounded with its relaxing, sight, sound and smell. Some people who practice this will also apply essential oils in order to heighten the experience.

Benefits of Forest Bathing for Fibromyalgia

The practice of forest bathing provides several health benefits. Some of these benefits are reducing blood sugar level, blood pressure, depression, stress and confusion as well as improving one’s general health. Although it does not directly treat your fibromyalgia symptoms, having an improved overall well-being is good for those with fibromyalgia.

Immersing Yourself in Nature

Unfortunately, it can be a real struggle for anyone with fibromyalgia to walk into the woods and take part in forest bathing. However, according to studies, Shinrin-yoku does not really require you to physically walk into the forest or climb uphill. All it takes is to immerse into nature’s sights, sounds and smell. If done along with meditation, Shinrin-yoku can help to ease your fibromyalgia symptoms. Practicing forest bathing along with meditation helps to minimize the stress and depression of living with fibromyalgia symptoms.

How to Practice Forest Bathing for Fibromyalgia

If you think you are able enough to join hiking trails, then go ahead and do so. Search for the nearest hiking trails in your area and simply spend a few hours immersing yourself in nature.

For those who are not up for a forest hike, you can choose to visit your local federal or state parks to practice Shinrin-yoku and meditation. You can either do it alone or invite friends to join you. The local parks are usually well maintained. In fact, most of them are disable friendly. So even if you are struggling from the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia, you can access the park with ease.

Another option is to simply practice it in your own backyard. If your yard has a decent amount of plants and trees, then you can utilize it for forest bathing. Spend a few minutes in your yard each day. Take in the sounds of the birds, flowing water and swaying leaves. Enjoy the beauty of nature and breathe in fresh air.


  • I agree, I lobe nature. I have horse’s and judt being around them help. BUT there is always a but I love to ride and it can really be painfull alot of the time.

  • Being in nature, with it’s calming, soothing sights and sounds, and smells is as close as I can get to being in the presence of the Creator. Therefore, it does give the mind and the body that feeling of the peace that passes understanding. It has made a world of difference in my fibromyalgia!

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