Formication In Fibromyalgia: Bugs On Your Skin

fibromyalgia formication

Fibromyalgia comes with many symptoms besides from the commonly known widespread pain and fatigue. Formication is one of the least talked about symptom in fibromyalgia.

What Is Formication?

Formication is a feeling of bugs on your skin. People who suffer from formication feel like there are bugs crawling on their skin. It feels like an itch which you cannot scratch away. Read on to find out more about it.

What Causes Formication?

According to medical experts, formication affects people who have mental problems. It is a symptom for people with mental problems due to substance abuse.

Although patients who experience formication feel that there are bugs on their skin, the truth is, there are actually not there. So if there are no bugs, what is going on? Essentially, when you have formication, your brain registers a sensation that something is crawling on your skin even though there really is not. It is your nervous system sending signals to your brain without the presence of bugs.

Formication In Fibromyalgia

As mentioned above, formication has something to do with a problem of communication in the nervous system. This also explains why it is common for those with fibromyalgia since the chronic pain syndrome is believed to be a nervous system problem.

Fibromyalgia patients also have to deal with other problems in the nervous system, such as chronic itching, IBS etc. Thus, with a clear link to all the various nerve system disorders, it may seem like fibro pain has to do with the nerves. Your nervous system is responsible for sending signals to your brain. The brain will in turn interpret the signals.

It may seem that fibromyalgia patients will suffer from sympathetic nervous system disorder like formication. The reason behind these malfunctions has something to do with the disrupted nervous system. However, this theory cannot be confirmed just yet. Just like the fact that the real cause of fibromyalgia is not known, there is also no known reason behind formication in fibromyalgia.

If the condition bothers you so much that you can no longer carry on with your daily life, it is best to consult your doctor.


  • I don’t feel like bugs are crawling on me but I do get feelings that I am being bitten or stung by bugs at times.

  • Try taking a hot or cold shower. It helps to shock the nervous system. You can also try holding ice cubes in your hand. Got this tip from my Psychologist

  • I felt like I had bugs crawling on me and getting bit by them. My dermatologist diagnosed me with Dermagraphia and told me to take Zyrtec when going to bed at night and told me to take Zyrtec when going to bed at night. He said excess histamines caused the sensations. It takes a few days, but the Zyrtec works.

  • I have RA now for 30 years. I have this feeling of something crawling on my neck and arms. Also short term memory is the pits! Hot head back of neck and soaking wet!!! I also have tinnitus!! But I don’t have Fibromyalgia!! I also have tingling in left upper arm shoulder and neck!

  • I often feel as though I’m being stung by a wasp in most parts of my body! I have a ruptured & degenerative disc in my neck, middle back & tailbone!

  • I have a feeling like prickly heat/ nettle rash on my legs, it’s horrible,plus joint pain, brain fog, balance problems, tiredness, sweats, overheating, headaches, basically I’m fed up with it ☹️

  • I have most of the above problems and have had injuries to lumber 12345 disc’s , I have had to cope mainly by myself , I have Mafrin patches to help and other meds , believe nerves are an issue , have been run over as a child and been in 3 stationry accidents , plus abusive first marriage and assulted at the age of 9 , I believe in the power of healing and use reflexology to releive pain and other issues of this condition , this site has been very helpful explaining fibromyalgia as no one has tried too help me unterstand what is happening to me , I am grateful to have opportunity to do this quiz

  • I have fibromyalgia forever, I believe. My body always was very sensitive and sinse I can remember I have had disturbed sleep, fog memory, attention deficiency and emotional instability among others symptoms of fibromyalgia, but just in the last 10 years them have aggravate. And right now, is one thing after other, new problem everyday. I am avoiding medicine the most I can. I am trying to find out what is causing this whole thing. Sometimes I think food, stress and emotional upsets are the trigger. I take anaproxen for pain, 5 HTP for anxiety and panic attack, turmeric, fish oil, noni, probiotic, glucosamine and multivitamins , all natural med, just to keep going. I clean houses and this has kept me going, since to be still to long make me worse. I am praying for some real solution to this strange illness.

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