Fibromyalgia Eye Problems

fibromyalgia eye problems

Fibromyalgia is a type of chronic pain disorder that can lead to physical and mental suffering. It could affect a lot of people and is usually prevalent among women. Fibromyalgia has strong effects on one’s nervous system, and it could also affect your vision too.  Fibromyalgia eye problems is one aspect of fibromyalgia which is often overlooked.

Vision Effects of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can have negative impact on the ability of your eyes to perform every day duties such as doing detailed work, reading, and driving. In worse cases, fibromyalgia can cause blurry or double vision.

The most common fibromyalgia eye problem is dry eyes. Dry eyes in fibromyalgia could range from mild to severe cases and occurs because fibromyalgia can dry the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and the eyes. This condition is known as Sicca. It makes it difficult for people to wear contact lenses and also lowers the production of tears by up to 90 percent.

According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, eye pain is a common symptom of the chronic pain syndrome. Fibromyalgia can disrupt the normal function of ocular muscles in the eye resulting in eye misalignment which can cause blurred vision

In summary, the vision effects of fibromyalgia are:

  • dry eyes
  • blurred or double vision
  • increased eye pressure
  • decreased tear production
  • light sensitivity
  • general eye pain.

The Best Way To Treat Fibromyalgia Eye Problems

The best way to treat fibromyalgia eye problems is to manage the disease overall. This includes some familiar treatment such as taking antidepressants, pain relievers, psychotherapy, anti-seizures, addressing stress and sleep problems, changing your diet, exercising and many more.

Dry eyes can easily be relieved with eye lubricants or eye drops. You can use the lubricants through the day to help reverse the effects of dry eyes. It will help you to see more comfortably.

If you’re constantly experiencing photo-sensitivity, wear a pair of sunglasses with good UV protection. It can help reduce pain in the eyes due to exposure to light.

For those who experience blurred and double vision, it is best to see an eye doctor to remedy these vision problems.

Can Fibromyalgia Lead to Blindness?

In general, fibromyalgia will not lead to blindness. However, there are some cases where it could:

  • If a fibromyalgia patient also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, he or she could develop arteritis, an inflammation of the temporal arteries. People who suffer from this condition can experience partial loss of vision and some may completely lose their eyesight.
  • If your eyes are not treated rapidly with high dose steroids, inflammation could overwhelm your optic nerves and this can lead to partial or complete blindness in one of your eyes or both of them.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic and debilitating disorder. It could affect millions of people all over the world and is responsible for a host of physical and mental conditions, including vision problems. If you’re suffering fibromyalgia and are afraid of developing any of the vision problems stated above, consult your physician as soon as possible.

The best way to avoid getting fibromyalgia eye problems is to manage your pain condition well and to do something that can combat this chronic pain condition.


  • I could do with help regarding night sweats at night and day. I suffer a lot of problems peeing to fibromyalgia eyes included any help with this and all my pain would be so helpful to manage my condition.

    • Your remark on your urinary condition may be from interstitial cystitis. It’s not uncommon in those with Fibromyalgia. I’ve had Fibromyalgia for many years. Two years ago I was diagnosed with IC. I see a urogynocologist for this chronic condition. Best of luck to you.

  • Since having fibromyalgia because I was so ill and run down,I started with eye problems really bad that I ended up in a+e.refrered to an eye specialist and diagnosed with a condition called miobium cyst dysfunction,so on drops and ointment for life now,airfreshners,smoke and candles at night make it worse.

  • Thanks for your email. I didnt know that eye problems was linked to fibromalagia and i do have eye problems as stated in this link. Its a shame the doctors or optometrists dont give you this information.

    • I really believe that most of the doctors have no clue what fibro can
      Do to a person, especially woman . They all need to realize we r not a
      Bunch of people trying to get sympathy or drugs!! We just want to be
      “Normal” or back to ourselves!

  • What is a remedy for dry eyes that drops the line the eye do not work? I have extra mucus production as result of my eyes staying dry..after awhile it then turns to an eye infection and I cure that and I’m right back with mucus being over produce..the eye Dr said it’s just severe allergies but I do not believe it is allergies. I am always getting clear to green crap out the drops clear a bit of mucus then 5 minutes it’s right as though I didn’t use the drop….
    .pls someone help know what I need to do to cure this!

  • I already have blurred vision sometimes it seems like I’m seeing 3. I also have headaches on my right-side of my head every day and my eyes do seem dry sometimes and I do have light sensitivity.

  • I have recently been referred to ENT for recurring Sinusitis. When I saw the consultant he immediately told me that I hadn’t got sinusitis. I was taken aback by this as he hadn’t done exam but he the told me that as soon as I he saw me walk in the room using my stick and he had read my notes that it was my Fibro that was the problem as it dries the mucous membranes and concentrates them so that it feels like sinus problems. He told me to use the salt solution spray steam inhalations and not to take antibiotics. This has helped slightly except forgetting to do this because of the Fibro. Also I have trigeminal neuralgia down the right side of my face which I have read can also be a symptom of Fibro.

  • Further to my previous comment I am also having problems with my eyes. Have just been to opticians for 2nd time this year and have got an eye compress which you warm in microwave put on your eyes for about 15 mins then you squeeze your eyelids and this is supposed to release any thick mucous which is blocking tear ducts. I haven’t used it yet so can’t say that it works but will try anything at this stage.

  • See Amy Myers MD–the autoimmune Connection book. I believe she is right about changing our diet. I tested it–went gluten, grain free and sugar free for 4 months and felt like a new woman! I strayed from her diet and I am back to having pain and problems.

  • Tengi dolor agudo en el fondo del ojo izquierdo..dice el oculista es porque los músculos oculares tambien se inflaman y duelen como todo el cuerpo…subevka presión del ojo y se coje cataratas…no se que más voy a tener?? Es todooooo

  • I have dry eye due to fibro. My experience sent me to eye doctor and tried many over the counter drops and xiidra drops by prescript. None of these drops worked. I then had drainage plugs placed and started on Refresh with Omega 3. These are new and work beautifully for me. the plugs keep from draining off the drops. The Omega 3 in the drops helps to rebuild the lipid layer. you can get these at Target.

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