Varicose Veins In Fibromyalgia

The veins that are engorged tend to develop in the legs. These veins resemble that of bulging cords and spread all over the skin. This makes them easily visible. Usually, these veins are painless. However, they could trigger a burning or tingling sensation in the affected vein. Sometimes, they result in a throbbing pain all over the legs.

There are various factors that can trigger the development of varicose veins:

  • Age is often the biggest factor. As we grow older, the valves in our veins start to weaken.
  • Genetics is also another factor. Those with a history of varicose veins in their family will most likely develop them as well
  • Sedentary lifestyle can also play a part since being overweight puts pressure to the veins and weaken the valves.

These risk factors also tend to play a role in fibromyalgia, which makes varicose veins a serious concern for people with the condition.


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