4 Hormones Affecting Fibromyalgia Pain

hormones that affect fibromyalgia pain

Managing fibromyalgia can be incredibly difficult at times. In fact, many feel as if nothing can be done to combat the symptoms. Nevertheless, there are many ways in which one can cope with fibromyalgia. One of the first steps is gaining an understanding of the condition. As with many experiences in the body, a lot of problems can be traced back to hormones. There have been several studies that show that people with fibromyalgia have hormones that do not respond normally.

There are four specific hormones that a person should keep in mind when studying fibromyalgia. Some people may recognize these hormones as the happy hormones because many of the things that these hormones regulate in the body keep people happy and comfortable. For people who have fibromyalgia, these hormones don’t always function as they should. In fact, there have been quite a few studies to show this.


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  1. says: Mary Jessee

    Thanks for all the updates and posting them for people like myself who searched years for any information when very little was known about this horrible disease. It really helps to have as much information as possible. I enjoy reading all your post. ***** Mary Jessee

  2. says: Monika

    Hello ,I would like to know why my fibromyalgia is affected by antibiotics? Ive been taking them for two days now for a uti n they have given me anxiety n insomnia. I have 5 more days to go on this course :-/.. Thank you for the much needed information you post :-). I live in Australia n there is not much information or knowledge on this illness …

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